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Series 10 Episode 1
Home Sweet Home

Episode number 181
Release Date 15th October 2014
Created By Ann McManus and Maureen Chadwick
Producer Lizzie Gray
Director Roberto Bangura
Writer Ann McManus
Eileen Gallagher
Credits See List
Previous episode Series 9 Episode 20 (New Highs, New Lows)
Next episode Series 10 Episode 2 (One Good Turn)

Home Sweet Home is the first episode of Series 10.


With Christine demoted, a new headteacher arrives - Vaughan Fitzgerald, with his partner, art teacher Allie Westbrook, and her children Tiffany and Floyd. Soon afterwards, Olga, the unstable wife he left for Allie, arrives with their sons Leo and Justin. She is about to enter a psychiatric unit, and dumps the boys on Vaughan. Leo is affable, but Justin is hostile towards his father, picking a fight with Floyd, and though he apologises, he is insincere, and makes it clear he does not want to be at Waterloo Road. Returning from their cruise, George dumps the mercenary Carol, who gets revenge by posting pictures of him being sick on the ship on the Internet. Darren Hughes' mother dies of a drug overdose and he moves into the school house, prompting Vaughan to propose that the school forges stronger links with the community.


It’s a fresh new term and dynamic headteacher Vaughan Fitzgerald and his family arrive at Waterloo Road and attempt to fit into their new lives. Darren’s world falls apart after a shocking incident at home, and George learns never to cross a member of the Barry family.

A brand new family arrive at Waterloo Road and immediately shake things up both in and out of the classroom. Dominant and forward-thinking, Vaughan Fitzgerald has all the makings of the dynamic headteacher the school needs, while his confident partner Allie takes the reins of the art department. But their professional veneer just might be tested as their warring children’s behaviour threatens to spill out into the classroom.

Christine vows to help Darren with his desperate situation at home, but neither are prepared for the shocking scene that awaits when they try to confront his mother.

George has been bled dry by Carol over the summer, and pledges to make a change. He soon finds out why no one messes with a Barry and gets away with it.

Main cast




  • Keeley Forsyth as Sammy Hughes (Final appearance)
  • Pooky Quesnel as Olga Fitzgerald (First appearance)
  • Daniel Kerr as an unnamed estate ned (One-off appearance)