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Series 10 Episode 13
Lenny's Dilemma

Episode number 193
Release Date 19th January 2015
Created By Ann McManus and Maureen Chadwick
Producer Kate Crowther
Director Morag Fullarton
Writer Katie Douglas
Credits See List
Previous episode Series 10 Episode 12 (Scott's Bike Ride)
Next episode Series 10 Episode 14

Lenny's Dilemma is the thirteenth episode of Series 10.


Two young teachers - both newly-qualified - arrive at the school; the correct Science teacher Marco D'Oliveira and flippant Guy Braxton, whose subject is Graphics & Product Design, and who has trouble keeping order. Kind-hearted Lenny defends new pupil Carrie Norton against his bullying sister Lisa and dumb friend Shaznay, but is shocked to see Carrie and Guy talking as if they know each other & Guy kissing Carrie on the cheek, and tells Vaughan. Carrie's mother then comes to the school, and what she has to say surprises everybody. Meanwhile, Bonnie inadvertently betrays Kenzie's secret, and Christine's attempt to get out of girls' nights with Audrey by claiming that she is dating George backfires on her.

Main cast