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Series 10 Episode 10
The Final Straw

Episode number 190
Release Date 17th December 2014
Created By Ann McManus and Maureen Chadwick
Producer Lizzie Gray
Director Jamie Annett
Writer Wendy Granditer
Credits See List
Previous episode Series 10 Episode 9 (Yesterday's Child)
Next episode Series 10 Episode 11 (A New Start)

The Final Straw is the tenth episode of Series 10, and the final episode of the first part (Autumn Term) of Series 10.


Sue realises that Hector's plans for them are selfish and unrealistic, and she drops him. Rhiannon and Darren successfully reunite Grace and Ted to lead a ballroom dancing display at the school. Vaughan hands Justin over to the police after the boy punches Allie, but he gets bail, only to be met by Tiffany, who tells him that she no longer has any interest in him after what he did. Allie has had enough and she and her children leave Waterloo Road, though Vaughan has an even bigger bombshell on his hands when George Windsor reappears, asking for his job back and announcing that Waterloo Road is to be merged with the inferior Havelock High school.

Main cast




  • Judith Barker as Grace (Final appearance)
  • Terence Harvey as Ted (One-off appearance)