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Sarah Evans
Portrayed by Jodie Comer
First Appearance (Guest) Series 6 Episode 3
Last Appearance (Guest) Series 6 Episode 3
Cause/Reason Unknown
Occupation Student
Mother Claire Evans
Romances Ronan Burley

Sarah Evans was a single episode guest star portrayed by Jodie Comer.

Sarah is first seen the day after she has had unprotected sex with Ronan Burley. Ronan is desperate for her to take the morning-after pill but Sarah is reluctant. This coincides with Karen Fisher's Emergency Contraception Scheme.

Ronan calls Sarah's mum, pretending to be Chris Mead, resulting in Sarah's mum coming in. At first, Sarah's mum wanted to take her out of Waterloo Road however she later decided that she could stay.

Sarah is not seen again.