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Portrayed by Rachael Elizabeth
First Appearance Series 4 Episode 11
Last Appearance Series 4 Episode 11
Occupation Glamour model
Children Unnamed son

Sarah-Leanne was a glamour model and former student at Waterloo Road. She returns to the school for careers day which excites the pupils especially Janeece Bryant.

She clashes with Kim Campbell who is upset about the way Sarah-Leanne disses education. They both eventually apologise to each other and Sarah-Leanne explains that the real reason she dropped out of school was because she was pregnant not because of the modelling. She explains to Kim that everything she does is for her son.

Before she leaves, Sarah-Leanne puts Janeece into contact with a surgeon who will do her breast implants at a reduced price. Inspired by Sarah-Leanne, Janeece has them done the very next episode.