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Sally Froggart
Portrayed by Tara Berwin
First Appearance Series 3 Episode 8
Last Appearance Series 3 Episode 8
Cause/Reason Unknown
Mother Denise Froggart
Brothers Ben Froggart

Sally Froggart was a student at Waterloo Road who appeared in Series 3 Episode 8.

Sally is first seen at her home trying to get herself ready for school whilst at the same time looking after her younger brother, Ben. It is later revealed that Sally and Ben's mother had gone on holiday and left the two of them behind.

With the child-minder, Tracy, failing to turn up to look after Ben, Sally has no choice but to go to school, leaving him home alone.

During registration, having already confiscated her phone, Matt Wilding notices that Sally seems off and asks her what's wrong. Sally tells him that she is ill and ought to go home. Sally protests when Matt suggests that they call her mother, insisting that she's fine to walk home. Matt responds by telling her that if she's well enough to walk home then she's well enough to stay in school.

Later, Sally borrows Janeece Bryant's phone in order to ring Tracy. With Tracy still not answering and the worries about her brother growing, Sally goes home.

On her way she is stopped by headteacher Rachel Mason, who insists on driving Sally back to school. Sally tells Rachel that her name is Louise Dodds in order to avoid getting into trouble.

Stuck in the cooler, Sally tells Matt and Rachel the truth, that her mother has gone on holiday to Spain and her little brother is home alone. Rachel doesn't believe her, saying that she's a 'pathological liar.'

After Rachel tries ringing both Sally's mother's landline and mobile, it directs to an international ringtone, proving to Rachel that Sally was telling the truth.

Rachel and Sally rush to the house only to find that Ben had accidentally locked himself in the fridge.

Rachel finally gets hold of their mother and tells her to go straight to the school. When their mother, Denise, gets to the school, Rachel lays into her, explaining how she almost lost her son and it would have been all her fault. Eddie Lawson tells Rachel that she's being too harsh but Sally agrees with her. She makes her mum swear that she will never leave them again, to which Denise agrees.

Sally is last seen hugging her mother and brother. She is not seen again.