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Ryan Sharkey
Portrayed by Paul Opacic
First Appearance Series 5 Episode 16
Last Appearance Series 5 Episode 20
Occupation Businessman
Spouse(s) Mrs Sharkey
Sons Finn Sharkey

Ryan Sharkey is Finn Sharkey's father. He is shown to be a wealthy businessman who has very little time for his son. He seems unbothered by Finn's antics and shows him minimal attention.

He is seen in two episodes in Waterloo Road, first when Finn attempted to kill himself when they was supposed to move to Los Angeles, and then when Finn gave drugs to his best friend, Josh Stevenson.

Both times he seems more concerned about his reputation rather than his son. Ryan is not really a good father to Finn and lets his son do anything he wants, and yells at him when he needs his support. Chris Mead got into an altercation with him twice about this.

When Ryan tells Finn they are moving to Los Angeles, he appears unbothered about how his son feels. Although Finn stays at the school until the end of Series 7, his parents aren't seen again.