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Ruth Kirby
Portrayed by Anna Jobarteh
First Appearance Series 6 Episode 1
Last Appearance Series 6 Episode 20
Cause/Reason Her father withdrew her from Waterloo Road
Mother Hannah Kirby
Father Marcus Kirby
Brothers Jonah Kirby
Romances Harry Fisher
Nieces and Nephews Jonah and Francesca Montoya's unborn child

Ruth Kirby is a ‘genius’. Homeschooled from a young age, precocious and witty; Ruth already has some A* GCSEs at the age of 13. Her first experience of primary school was so traumatic that her parents pulled her out within days. Since then, her parents have ‘hothoused’ her with one-to-one tuition and this is how her life has been up until she’s enrolled in Waterloo Road. She saw that if she violated the three strike rule she would get expelled and tried to be as disruptive as possible yet Karen Fisher caught onto her plan.

Ruth has a nasty streak and enjoys using her intellect to put others down, she sees Waterloo Road as beneath her and isn’t afraid to tell anyone. Whilst Ruth has an IQ to envy, she doesn’t have social skills, and often disrupts classes because she feels bored. She’s a prime target for bullying and taunting and Ruth can’t seem to gel with anyone - not even the adults who she’s used to impressing. When her academic streaming means she’s in A-Level classes with Jonah and Jess for some subjects, GCSE classes with Finn, Amy and Sambuca and with Denzil and Em for sports and food tech, she soon discovers she fits nowhere yet her and Harry become good friends and she sticks up for Harry when he is being bullied during his bulimia crisis using her quick wit and the pair eventually form a relationship although the show doesn't cover this Harry does ask Ruth to hang out indicating a date and Ruth agrees. Also when Amy and Lauren, who initially do not like Ruth, want to be friends, she declines the request realizing she is better off and hangs out with Harry Fisher.


  • Anna Jobarteh also made a brief appearance in Series 5 Episode 3 when she was in a group of extras in the playground