Rose Kelly
Portrayed by Elaine Symons
First Appearance Series 4 Ep 01
Last Appearance Series 7 Ep 7
Cause/Reason Left after Sambuca’s death
Occupation Canteen Assistant
Romances Tom Clarkson (Deceased)
Reynold Kelly
Sons Marley Kelly (1992)
Earl Kelly (1993)
Denzil Kelly (1997) (Deceased)
Prince Kelly (2007)
Daughters Sambuca Kelly (1995) (Deceased)
Grandsons Unnamed

Rose Kelly is the mother of Marley, Earl, Sambuca, Denzil & Prince Kelly. She is also the former partner of Tom Clarkson.

Rose didn’t know the countryside existed until she was in her early teens. She lived and breathed the mile radius around her council flat and like most of the other girls around her, she was pregnant by the age of sixteen.

Rose was introduced in series four as an anti-social alcoholic, but with the encouragement and support of Rachel Mason and Tom Clarkson, she finally cleaned up her act, getting sober and landing a job in the school kitchens.

Rose loved her children dearly and wanted them to do well at Waterloo Road. Despite this, she was unable to parent them effectively. Her struggles with disciplining her children eventually lead to them being taken into care for a short period of time. 

She had a brief relationship with Clarence Charles (the father of Donte Charles), but it ended after she caught Clarence cheating on her at her house party.

In 2009, Earl was charged with murdering his former girlfriend, Maxine Barlow and given a life sentence. In 2012, Sambuca died of terminal brain cancer and Denzil was killed after he was hit by a lorry.