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Ronan Burley
Portrayed by Ben-Ryan Davies
First Appearance (Regular) Series 6 Episode 1
Last Appearance (Regular) Series 7 Episode 20
First Appearance (Guest) Series 7 Episode 30
Last Appearance (Guest) Series 7 Episode 30
Mother Mrs Burley
Father Kevin Burley
Romances Sarah Evans
Vicki MacDonald
Cousins Jackson Burley

Ronan Burley is an entrepreneur; he comes from a working class family, always looking for a business opportunity and is obsessed with earning money. He’s inspired by Alan Sugar, and is the kind of boy who has thousands saved in the bank from his various schemes and pocket money. But Ronan’s schemes mask a troubled home life and when he decided to cut ties with his parents we saw why he was so desperate to make an independent life for himself.

Ronan’s father is part of one of Manchester’s bigger gangs and has earmarked Ronan to follow in his footsteps. Ronan was forced to make some brave decisions to escape a criminal future and even shopped his own dad to the police – a decision which might come back to haunt him in series seven.

Following a surprise wedding proposal to Vicki, Ronan was devastated to learn that his fiancée was having an affair with his best friend, Aiden and pregnant with his baby. Later when Vicki miscarried, it was Ronan who was there to offer comfort and support and the end of the series saw them rekindle their relationship.

Series 7 sees their relationship come under more stress when Vicki struggles with the pressure of her upcoming re-sits and Ronan focuses on his new business adventure, a fruit and veg stall. Things escalate when Vicki cannot cope with the stress anymore and starts to get physically abusive towards Ronan. Vicki begins counselling and Ronan takes her back, but this doesn't last and he eventually breaks it off with her.


  • Ronan is a fan of The Arctic Monkeys and Goldfrap
  • Ronan is captain of the rugby team
  • Ronan once met Laura Jayne Durrans and they shared a piece of cake