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Robert Bain
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Portrayed by Shaun Prendergast
First Appearance Series 8 Episode 27 (Sugar Mummy)
Last Appearance Series 9 Episode 20 (New Highs, New Lows)
Occupation Head of Education
Spouse(s) Mrs Bain (nee Spark) (deceased)
Children Sue Lowsley

Vix Spark

Robert Bain is the Director of Education for East Greenock Council. He has two daughters, one called Sue Lowsley, the new science teacher in Series 9, and the other called Vix Spark.

L.A Head

Robert Bain's daughter, Sue Lowsley, the new science teacher, married Simon Lowsley the Deputy Head, in Series 9 Episode 10. Robert wanted Simon Lowsley become the new Head Teacher of Waterloo road in the same episode, but Simon walked out on the interviews, after lecturing Robert about his skills as a father.


Robert Bain has two Daughters called Sue Lowsley (Spark) and Vix Spark. He had a wife who has so far remained unnamed and is deceased, and through his daughter, Sue, he is the father-in-law of Simon Lowsley.