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Rob Scotcher
Rob s.jpg
Portrayed by Robson Green
First Appearance Series 7 Episode 1
Last Appearance Series 7 Episode 10
Cause/Reason Left to become a teacher and moved away
Occupation Site Manager
Spouse(s) Naomi Scotcher
Romances Karen Fisher
Sons Aiden Scotcher
Grandchildren Aiden's unnamed baby from before he came to Waterloo Road
Aiden's unborn baby with Jess

Rob Scotcher is Waterloo Road’s site manager during the first part of Series 7. He’s a laid back bloke who’s happy with the meandering pace of his career and life and wants to focus on the important things. Despite being highly intelligent, Rob threw away his own chance of an education. He happily spent his teen years getting stoned and going to gigs, but realises kids these days can’t just rely on ‘life-experience’ in an ever-competitive world. Rob enjoys the work – he likes the pupils and is a ‘people person’ who could never spend all day behind a desk. The hours are great and his flexible routine gives him the opportunity to spend time on the things he’s passionate about: books, music and his son Aiden.

Rob’s pride and joy is his son Aiden – despite the fact that he runs rings around his old man. Rob has spent the last few years raising Aiden as a single parent after his wife, Naomi, walked out of their lives. Rob was heartbroken, but well aware of the affect it was having on Aiden, picked himself up and became a devoted dad. Rob is determined Aiden will rise to greater heights than he has, but Rob pushes his son hard with Aiden in a constant state of rebellion. When they first meet, it’s clear that Rob and Karen don’t really have a lot in common, but it’s not long before their opposites are complementing each other with Rob enjoying showing Karen that life doesn’t always have to be experienced at a breakneck speed. That is, until Naomi returns wanting to give their marriage another go...

During his short time at Waterloo Road, Rob also formed a close friendship with Daniel Chalk, acting as both a mentor for Daniel's teaching methods, giving him "tactics" on how control a class; as well as both acting as each other's confidants.