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Rob Cleaver
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Portrayed by Elyes Gabel
First Appearance Series 4 Episode 1
Last Appearance Series 4 Episode 10
Cause/Reason Suspended after it was discovered that he used drugs to help Bolton Smilie win at boxing.
Occupation PE Teacher
Head of PE
Romances Jasmine Koreshi

Rob Cleaver was a PE teacher at Waterloo Road in the first half of Series 4 - he's young and charming, but extremely driven and competitive. Once a successful professional athlete, Rob's hopes of representing Britain in the hurdles came to an abrupt end when he suffered an injury at the height of his career. He threw himself into his new profession with passion and vigour and quickly realised he had the ability to inspire and encourage kids, but still harbours a sense of resentment for his lost career.

Jasmine finds Rob's forceful nature compelling and with her enthusiasm for sport, they quickly realise they have a lot in common and they soon get together. When Rob finds Bolton Smilie has an extraordinary talent for boxing, he knows he's found what he's been looking for, someone he can live his sporting career through again.

Rob was suspended from teaching after giving Bolton performance enhancing drugs, before he stepped into the boxing ring.


  • "How about... I'm no Fred Flinstone but I can make your bed rock?"
  • Grease Lightning feat. Tom Clarkson