Rhona Mansfield

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Rhona Mansfield
Portrayed by Millie Katana
First Appearance Series 7 Episode 1
Last Appearance Series 7 Episode 30
Cause/Reason Moved schools
Mother Sandi Mansfield
Grandmothers Bette Mansfield
Sibling(s) Shona Mansfield

Rhona and twin sister Shona love each other, but their relationship is highly competitive – to the point of obsessive. If Shona gets attention or a good mark, if she’s picked to do a job by a teacher, Rhona will want to know: ‘why is it always Shona?’ If Rhona wears her hair one way or buys herself a new skirt or top, Shona will be scared of Rhona getting more attention from friends and boys that she will have to wear exactly the same – which drives her twin crazy. And all things vice versa. Each is just scared of the other doing something different.

Getting them out in the morning is, therefore, a nightmare and they may well often be late or one of them may have to go home to change into whatever the other’s wearing or change her hairdo in the girls’ loos before registration. This obsession with each other’s success will, of course, make teachers’ lives hell. They've got to be so careful not to praise one at the expense of another or there’ll be a tantrum.

However, it’s not all hell on earth. The girls actually like company – as long as they’re treated the same. They have exactly the same opinions of people and have, in a sense, their own little world.

Shona and Rhona were transferred to another school when Waterloo Road closed.

Rhona and Shona's mother gave birth to them when she was only 13, and then went on a rebellious streak, which gave their grandmother custody over them. 

However in Episode 5 their mother is back and wants custody of them, and for them to never see their grandmother again. Shona is particularly upset about this as she is close with her grandmother.


  • Both of the twins actors also appeared in Series 4 Episode 20 as choir members from one of the rival schools.
  • Rhona is one of few regular characters to appear in the show that did not have any romantic relationships. She did however show interest in Freddie Jackson in Series 7 Episode 18 but they never became closer than friends, and Freddie was never seen or mentioned again after this episode.
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