Rhiannon Salt
Portrayed by Rebecca Craven
First Appearance Series 8 Episode 1
Last Appearance Series 10 Episode 20
Cause/Reason End of the programme
Born 1995 (Age 17)
Occupation Student
Sibling(s) Lee Salt
Romances Barry Barry
Naz Huq
Kyle Stack
Darren Hughes

Rihannon Salt is a red headed girl who initially appears to have a nasty, spiteful personality. However, it is soon revealed, hat she is just a vulnerable girl who needs help, as in one episode, she reveals self harm scars due to body and family issues. She does accept help, and from that point, she seems to be in a better place. 

Academically, Rihannon is not a particularly clever girl and she was a member of the PRU during Series 8. 

She pretends she sleeps with Barry and they do snog in one scene though it is clear he is just using her. We also see her pretend to Dynasty and Imogen that she slept with her friend and bosses son, Nazeer, who in the end she does end up dating after he says he wished the lie that they slept together was in fact true.

When Kyle returns to the school after serving his time in prison, she is seen to be very close to him, giving him a kiss on the cheek and becoming visibly upset when people don't care where he's gone, even making a public statement about it before rushing outside in an emotional state, which is surprising as Rhiannon and Kyle never actually appeared in an episode together.

In other words, Rhiannon somehow knew Kyle even though in series 8 episode 30 is the first time they met. It is unknown that they actually dated but when Kyle is back, she seems close to him which indicating that they probably did not date but were just friends or they just secretly dated. She also had a brief relationship with Darren Hughes, especially after his mother (Sammy Hughes) died. 

She is also seen very upset when Tom Clarkson dies.


  • When Sue Spark arrogantly insulted her weight, Rhiannon responded wrathfully by locking her in the equipment cupboard.
  • She once chucked a bucket of icy water on Lisa Brown
  • When she became conscious about her weight, Rihannon went on a fasting regime and fainted because of it.
  • Becomes critically drunk after Gabriella Wark takes her to a bar
  • She has a nervous breakdown when she suspects that she is pregnant
  • She has had a series of leaked images of her (which were all taken by Darren Hughes), however, she usually forgives him easily.


  • She lived in the School House
  • She seems to be desperate for a relationship until Maggie persuades her it doesn't matter.