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Portrayed by Colin Tierney
First Appearance Series 4 Episode 6
Last Appearance Series 4 Episode 6
Cause/Reason Arrested for stealing Matt Wilding's TV
Mother Unnamed
Romances Rose Kelly
Daughters Sambuca Kelly

Reynold is the father of Sambuca Kelly. He only appears once, in Series 4 Episode 6, when Sam and her half-siblings are taken into care and Sam is fostered by Matt Wilding. Reynold storms into school and attacks Matt, and is thrown out. In anger, he broke into Matt’s apartment and trashes the place, whilst stealing his television.

Reynold later confronts Matt and Sam again, trying to get Sam to stay with him, but she wants to stay with Matt. Reynold throws a chair at Matt but he ducks and it smashes though a window, not hurting anyone. Matt restrains Reynold using a technique he 'saw on telly', until Eddie and Rachel appear, having seen the chair smash through the window.

Back at home, Sambuca convinces Rose to call the police on Reynold. He is arrested and not seen again.

In Series 7 Episode 6, a terminally ill Sambuca along with Finn and Lauren go looking for Reynold so Sam can say goodbye, only to discover from his mother that he is serving life in prison for murder. According to Rose, Reynold beat a man to death simply because the man had skipped the queue in a car park.


At one point, Rachel refers to Reynold as 'Mr Kelly', but this is likely in error as Reynold's surname is unlikely to be Kelly, as all of Rose's children's surnames are Kelly, and Reynold is only the father of one of them. It is more likely that Rose's maiden name is Kelly and her children took her surname.

Not only that, but in Series 7 Episode 6, Finn Sharkey asks for Reynold Kelly, however yet again this may be a mistake.