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Prince Kelly
Portrayed by Charlie & Taylor Sheldrick (Series 4)
First Appearance Series 4 Episode 1
Last Appearance Series 7 Episode 7
Cause/Reason Left with Rose Kelly
Born 2006
Mother Rose Kelly
Half-Brothers Marley Kelly
Earl Kelly
Denzil Kelly (Deceased)
Half-Sisters Sambuca Kelly (Deceased)
Nephews Unnamed

Prince Kelly is the youngest son and child of Rose Kelly.

He has an older half-sister, Sambuca (who died of terminal brain cancer) and three older half-brothers: Marley, Earl (who is incarcerated for murdering his ex-girlfriend, Maxine Barlow) and Denzil (who was killed after he was hit by a lorry).

He was first seen in a taxi being held by half-sister Sambuca. The line “look at the state of him, he’s minging” implies that Prince‘s nappy may need changing. He also vomited on the seats.

He was seen being taken away by the police into child care. He was the first of the Kelly children to be taken away.

When Sambuca passed away, he was seen with half-brother Denzil sitting outside Sambuca’s room.

He was not seen again.