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Nigel Hinchcliffe
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Portrayed by Robert Angell
First Appearance Series 1 Episode 8
Last Appearance Series 3 Episode 16
Occupation Chair of Governors

Nigel Hinchcliffe was the Chair of Governors at Waterloo Road from series 1 to series 3. He headed various committee meetings called at the school including the disciplinary hearings of pupil Lewis Seddon in S1E8 and later Jack Rimmer in S3E6, which resulted in Jack's suspension. He was also present in S2E9 for the interviews for the job of permanent Headteacher of the school, between the then acting head Jack and newcomer hopeful Lyndsay Woodham. Lyndsay was chosen, however turned it down after being put off by Dale Baxter attacking Jack in the corridor. Jack got the job, and Lyndsay wasn't seen again.

In Series 3 Episode 15 Nigel chaired a governors' meeting called by Rachel Mason to make a verdict about Michaela White's false accusation that Jasmine Koreshi hit her. After Eddie Lawson produced evidence of Michaela's bullying and Jasmine revealed Michaela's friend admitted she had hit Michaela to make it look like Jasmine had hurt her, Nigel and the rest of the governing body reinstated Jasmine.

In Series 3 Episode 16 Nigel attended a governors' meeting to discuss and approve staff reshuffle plans and complimented Grantly Budgen on the food his students had served them. He later complimented Rachel and Eddie on their future plans for the school and wasn't seen again, having been replaced as Chair of Governors by the time of the fourth series by Ralph Mellor.