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Nasir Haq
Portrayed by Vishal Thakur
First Appearance Series 8 Episode 22 (Princess of Spices)
Last Appearance Series 8 Episode 22 (Princess of Spices)
Father Usman Haq
Romances Rhiannon Salt

Nasir "Naz" Haq was a student at Waterloo Road who appeared in Series 8 Episode 22. He was the son of Usman Haq, who competed with Maggie Budgen for the tender for the school canteen. Maggie won, and the Haqs became her supplier.

Naz works at his father's takeaway, King of Spices. Rhiannon Salt also works there until she is later sacked. Rhiannon fancies Naz and later lies to Dynasty Barry and Imogen Stewart that she and Naz had sex. After falling out with Maggie, Rhiannon wants to get payback so she steals Maggie's figures from the school canteen to give to Naz so his father can better his proposal and win the contract to tender for the school canteen. After the truth comes out that Usman's proposal only won because of Maggie's figures being stolen, neither Usman nor Maggie wins the contract. Naz tells his dad he doesn't want to work in the family business and wants to go to university instead. Naz is also furious with Rhiannon for lying about the pair of them sleeping together.

Later, the pair reconcile and help both Maggie and Usman win a joint partnership for the tendering contract. Usman also accepts that Naz wants to go to university and wants to support his son.

He was also in a relationship with Rhiannon Salt.