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Naseem Siddiqui
Portrayed by Shifaa Arfan
First Appearance Series 7 Episode 21
Last Appearance Series 7 Episode 30
Cause/Reason Moved Schools
Mother Samia Siddiqui (Deceased)
Father Mr Siddiqui
Brothers Tariq Siddiqui
Sisters Trudi Siddiqui

Naseem Siddiqui was a former student at Waterloo Road. She was shy and hard working and often spent time with her sister, Trudi Siddiqui and her brother, Tariq Siddiqui. She also often found Grantly Budgen, her English teacher, very intimidating. During her time at Waterloo road, she became friends with Zack Diamond and helped him to anonymously submit his first play to drama teacher, Matt Wilding. She also supported her sister, Trudi when she became pregnant with Finn Sharkey's baby. Unfortunately, Trudi later miscarried.

Naseem is also seen commemorating the first anniversary of her mother's death with Trudi and Tariq. She is very upset when Trudi forgets this and does not speak to her for the rest of the episode.

In Series 7 Episode 29 she gets trapped after Finn Sharkey sets fire to the lock up she uses as a den. Finn saves her and is horrified by what he has done having not realised that she was in there.

Kyle Stack uses this event to persuade Tariq to take revenge on Finn, saying how he nearly killed his younger sister.

Naseem did not follow her brother to Scotland when Waterloo Road closed and moved there. It is assumed she stayed with their father and was placed at another local school.