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Mr MacDonald
Portrayed by Uncredited
First Appearance Series 6 Episode 8
Last Appearance Series 6 Episode 8
Cause/Reason Died of a stroke
Daughters Vicki MacDonald

Mr Macdonald was the father of Vicki MacDonald. He suffered a stroke and was taken into hospital, where he later died.

It is thought that he wanted Vicki to go onto medicine, as on the day of his death Vicki was seen talking to her father, lost in a coma, and saying that she was going into medicine and promised to do well in her exams. However, Vicki’s grades began to suffer as she was constantly worrying about him, prompting Chris Mead to become worried about her after flunking her chemistry exam.

Vicki eventually put herself into a hostel, refusing to go into care because she was worried that if she did, she would not be allowed to care for her father when he got out of hospital because she would be seen as not being able to cope. Shortly after, Mr MacDonald died of a stroke and Vicki was comforted by her best friend Jess Fisher. She eventually got back on track, moving into a home run by a friend of Chris and getting a B in her re-take of her chemistry exam.

Mr MacDonald was referenced several times in the first half of Series 6 but only appeared, portrayed in hospital by an uncredited actor, in Series 6 Episode 8.