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Morag Murray
Portrayed by Mhairi Anderson
First Appearance Series 8 Episode 8 (The Price of Love)
Last Appearance Series 8 Episode 8 (The Price of Love)
Cause/Reason Unknown
Mother Deb Murray
Father Kai Murray
Brothers Ewan Murray

Morag Murray was a student at Waterloo Road who appeared in Series 8 Episode 8 (The Price of Love).

Morag lived a sheltered life along with her father and younger brother. Her father lived an austere freegan life and as a result banned Morag and her brother from using mobile phones or watching tv.

Tom Clarkson comes to her house in order to help her take her bench to school for the competition. When Morag’s father, Kai, discovers that the prize is a £5,000 Unversity loan, he passes his daughter an axe then persuades her to smash up the bench with the axe, saying that paid-for education is against his beliefs.

With Tom's help Morag rebuilds her bench and wins the competition, but her father storms into the school threatening to remove her. Morag asks the school to contact her mother, which is something her father had refused to do. When she finally confronts him about it he admits that he was scared that Morag would like her mother's money and way of life and as a result would want to live with her.

Morag tells her father that he needs to listen to her and accept what she wants. She says she knows her mother has done bad things, but she has a right to talk to her.

Neither Morag or her family are seen again.