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Maxine Barlow
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Portrayed by Ellie Paskell
First Appearance Series 2 Episode 4
Last Appearance Series 4 Episode 8
Cause/Reason Shot dead by Earl Kelly
Born 1991
Died 2009
Mother Patti Barlow
Father Kevin Hurst (Step)
Guardian Steph Haydock
Romances Lewis Seddon
Earl Kelly
Daughters Charlotte Seddon (Stillborn)

Maxine "Max" Barlow (1991-2009) was a drug addict who dropped out of school, but she returned and became good friends with Janeece Bryant, Chlo Grainger and Steph Haydock. She had relationships with Lewis Seddon and Earl Kelly, before being murdered by Earl Kelly after breaking up with him.


Maxine met Steph Haydock in the local pub. She asked for money and a drink, but Steph said no to her. Maxine then went to Donte's house and stole his things before getting caught by him and Chlo.

Maxine initially dropped out of school, but after conquering her drug addiction she returned and was in the sixth form with her best friends Janeece Bryant and Chlo Grainger.

Maxine moved in with Steph Haydock after she discovered that her stepfather was responsible for sexual assaults against pupils Celine Dixon and Stacey Appleyard. Kevin was promptly arrested and Maxine was sure that her mother wouldn't take her in again. Maxine was originally going to be put into a homeless shelter but after finding out the conditions there, Steph decided to take her in.

During an archaeological dig in series 3, the remains of a baby's corpse was found by Karla Bentham and Janeece Bryant. Once the new headmistress Rachel Mason, found out, she immediately contacted the police. An investigation had been launched and Steph must interview each girl at Waterloo Road who has been to the school nurse with sexual health problems. In the end Maxine admits to Janeece that the baby was in fact hers, and it was stillborn. Baby Charlotte was buried by Maxine and was fathered by Lewis Seddon.

On a school field trip, Maxine overheard a conversation between Matt Wilding and his boyfriend and quickly informed various students via text message that Matt was gay.

When new pupil Earl Kelly and his siblings were enrolled to the school, he had an instant interest in Maxine, much to the chagrin of Janeece, who had a crush on him. At first, Maxine stated she wasn't interested in him but later at a Kelly party, Earl convinces her to give the relationship a go. When Steph discovers their relationship, she informs Maxine not to socialise with him as Earl is a bad influence on her. However, Maxine disobeys her rules and starts to sneak out to see Earl. When Earl and his siblings are put into care, Maxine allows him to stay in her room, without Steph's knowledge or approval. When some of Steph's money and jewellery go missing, Steph accuses Maxine of being back on the drugs but it is later found that Steph simply misplaced the jewellery and the money. The jewellery Earl gave Maxine was what he had bought for her himself.

On 25 February 2009, Earl Kelly gave the idea of starting a family to Maxine. Maxine loving Earl willingly says yes and later informs Steph. As Maxine already had a stillborn child (Charlotte Barlow) Maxine knows what it's like to be pregnant. Steph is determined that Maxine won't have a child with that hooligan Earl Kelly. Maxine follows her heart and ignores Steph until she meets Earl's ex-girlfriend Jade. Jade gave birth to a child four days earlier and demands money off Earl to look after the baby. Maxine is hoping that Jade is lying, but when Jade invites Maxine to come and see the four day old baby in a cardboard box she is horrified that Earl now wants to sell the baby and immediately breaks up with Earl once she gets back to the school. Earl is determined to not let this happen, so when Maxine is in her house cooking a meal for Steph to say sorry, events take a dramatic turn when Earl breaks into her house. Janeece looks behind her, as she sees Earl, she is terrified, and warns Maxine. Earl is not going to let Maxine break up with him, as Janeece is now out of the house, but when she comes back into the room where Maxine and Earl are, she sees a fully loaded gun in Earl's hand. Janeece then runs up behind him, she tries to snatch the gun, as Maxine tries to as well. Earl wrestles them both off him. Earl then says that they're perfect together and he wouldn't dream of selling their baby. Maxine then calls him a sick little boy and Earl loses it and shoots Maxine in the stomach. Earl realises what he's done and makes a run for it. Janeece, panicking as her best friend is dying, tries to phone the police. Steph then arrives at her house and sees Maxine lying in a pool of blood. Steph tries to help her; but Maxine dies in the arms of Steph and Janeece. Earl is then found wandering a nearby street, and arrested.

At Chlo Grainger and Donte Charles's wedding, balloons were made for Maxine and then released into the sky.


”Must be a really good mate to let you use that house of his.” (First line, to Lewis Seddon)

”She might’ve been a junkie, mightn’t she? Off her head on booze and drugs, living rough... I’m going to go to jail! Oh, what’s Steph going to say?” (To Janeece, telling her who the mother of the buried baby was)

”You’re only happy when everyone around you is miserable or scared! Everything you touch gets poisoned and twisted! You’re just a sick little boy!”

“I’m sorry.” (Last line)