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Maxwell Tyler
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Portrayed by Tom Chambers
First Appearance Series 5 Episode 1
Last Appearance Series 5 Episode 10
Cause/Reason Sacked after physically bullying Philip Ryan
Occupation Executive Head (2009)
Spouse(s) Jennifer Headley
Romances Helen Hopewell
Kim Campbell
Sons Dexter Campbell
Executive Headteacher
Series 5 Episode 1 - Series 5 Episode 10
Headteacher Rachel Mason
Deputy Head Chris Mead
Preceded by Post established
Succeeded by Post abolished

Maxwell Gerard[1] "Max" Tyler is the Executive Headteacher of Waterloo Road Comprehensive as well as three other schools across the Local Authority (LEA) in Series 5. Previously the Head of John Foster's Private School before its merger with Waterloo Road, Max lies about Rachel's poor leadership and how the school is failing to the LA, therefore allowing him full control due to the decision to base him at Waterloo Road permanently.

Max is a driven, highly ambitious man with a hard-working ethos who measures schools’ achievements via league table success. For Max, children need boundaries, discipline, a sense of purpose and respect for others. He believes social disadvantage shouldn’t hold children back nor should pupils be able to use their circumstances as an excuse for bad behaviour.

Max's marriage to Jennifer Tyler, a Senior Member of the LA, ends in Series 5 after Max files for divorce, after having affairs with Helen Hopewell (while at John Foster's), this is the only reason she gained a job as a teacher at Waterloo Road, and also Kim Campbell, the Head of Pastoral Care and Art Teacher.

Max’s authoritarian approach crossed a line when he physically assaulted Philip Ryan, he did this by throwing him up against a filing cabinet in Rachel Mason's office. Max was removed by security from Waterloo Road after the truth of him bullying Rachel Mason and abusing Phillip Ryan was uncovered. He never taught again. His voice can be heard in the final episode of Waterloo Road Series 10 Episode 20 (A Fairytale Ending), along with other past characters.


"If you don't mind, I'd like to reassure the new intake." (First line)

"You, you're just a sad, lonely little boy who tries to be funny just so that people will like him." (To Philip Ryan)

”Play games with me again, Sambuca, and your whole family will suffer. You’re vermin.” (To Sambuca Kelly, also repeated in the final episode of the show)

"Yeah, yeah, leave it, Christopher, be the good little lapdog that you are...out of interest, how much does she charge a member of staff?" (Final line, spoken right before Chris punches him)


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