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Mason Price
Portrayed by Kaine Barr
First Appearance Series 7 Episode 21
Last Appearance Series 7 Episode 21
Cause/Reason Arrested for knife crime

Mason Price was a member of the gang known as the Dale Sken Crew (DSC). After being released from a young offenders institute, he, Tariq Siddiqui and Kyle Stack tagged (with the DSC logo) and vandalised parts of the school. Daniel Chalk had his classroom vandalised after Mason persuaded Tariq that Chalky spoke to him disrespectfully. The school canteen was also vandalised.

After Mason asked other DSC members for a knife, he persuaded Tariq to attack Finn Sharkey because of Finn's relationship with Tariq's sister, Trudi Siddiqui.

Mr Chalk was made aware of these plans, and intervened which resulted in Mason being arrested again for knife crime. No other members of the DSC were arrested.

Following Mason's arrest, Kyle reveals to Tariq that Mason was only "all mouth" and that he wasn't really friends with him.

Mason was not seen again.