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Marley Kelly
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Portrayed by Luke Bailey
First Appearance Series 4 Episode 1
Last Appearance Series 4 Episode 20
Cause/Reason Graduated
Born 1992
Occupation Cafe Assistant
Mother Rose Kelly
Brothers Earl Kelly
Half-Brothers Denzil Kelly (Deceased)
Prince Kelly
Half-Sisters Sambuca Kelly (Deceased)
Nephews Unnamed
Romances Flick Mellor

Marley Kelly is the first-born son of Rose Kelly, she had him at age 16. He is often like the father of the family in absence of an actual one. He was born in 1992.

He has one little brother Earl Kelly, who is in jail for murdering his girlfriend, and one little half-brother Prince Kelly, who was a one-year-old baby when we first saw him.

He also has two deceased siblings; one little half-sister, Sambuca Kelly, who died in 2012 at age 17, from a brain tumour, and one little half-brother, Denzil Kelly, who died aged 15, after being hit by a truck when the school was moving to Scotland, some months after Sam.

After his short time at Waterloo Road, Marley left for university.

Series 4

As the eldest child of the Kelly family, Marley found himself trying to act as the head of the family. Due to the lack of a father figure in his life, he became fiercely protective of his sister, Sambuca.

Even though he can be critical about his family, Marley is loyal to them and won't tolerate anybody saying a bad word about them.

After the arrest of his younger brother, Earl, Marley's relationship with Flick Mellor blossoms, but her dad, Ralph despises the Kelly family, especially Marley, as he feels he is leading his daughter astray.

When Flick tests positive on a drugs awareness day that Ralph has facilitated, Ralph tries to shift the results over to Marley's profile, but he is found out and forced to step down as Chair of Governors.

Later on, when Marley is in need of money due to his family's eviction from Tom Clarkson's road, Ralph offers him £5000 to stay away from Flick. Due to his family loyalties; Marley accepts the bribe. However, later on, he can't resist staying away from Flick. After throwing the money back in Ralph's face, Ralph attacks Marley with a golf club. Ralph is later arrested for knocking down part of the school with a digger.

After these events, Marley consoles a distraught Flick outside of the ruined school as her dad is being taken away in a police car. After this episode, Marley graduated from Waterloo Road and went off to university with Flick where they continue their relationship.