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Marjorie Windsor
Portrayed by Wendy Craig
First Appearance Series 9 Episode 14 (Suspicious Minds)
Last Appearance Series 9 Episode 14 (Suspicious Minds)
Cause/Reason Died from complications of an asthma attack
Died 2014
Sons George Windsor

Marjorie Windsor, an upper-class, self-superior giant, was the mother of socially ameliorated George Windsor. She was, to most, a good-for-nothing representation of most "posh" people, as depicted by Waterloo Road's students such as Shaznay Montrose ("I'm sorry, I'm not fluent in council-estate slang"). She had an exasperated dislike for George's wives or romances as they weren't of high-class superiority, such as Princess Windsor and Carol Barry.

At the end of S09E14, George basically blemished her into realisation that she was an upper-class snob and that all her life, though George spent most of his young life in a rich boarding school, he grew up to be the acid-tongued, arrogant equivelant of her. Due to George's anger, he threw Marjorie's inhaler across the hallway, smashing it. Later that day Marjorie had an asthma attack off-screen, and, since George had smashed her inhaler, the asthma attack killed her. She died in the taxi - they thought she was asleep. It left George distraught and racked with guilt due to her death being to an extent his fault.


Marjorie was extravagant, cynical, snobbish, repressed, arrogant, cruel, callous and sociopathic. Due to her priveliged birth, as George put it, she has extreme spite and contempt towards those she considered beneath her. She is a hypocrite: She appeared kind and caring, supportive of her son's position and of the children's behaviour. Only, once she found out about Carol Barry courting George, she immediately showed her poisonous true colours: A bitter, cruel and cynical snob.