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Maria Lucas
Portrayed by Susan Cookson
First Appearance Series 6 Episode 2
Last Appearance Series 6 Episode 7
Cause/Reason Moved to London with Charlie Fisher
Occupation English Teacher
Deputy Headteacher of Glossip Hill School
Spouse(s) Unnamed Husband (divorced)
Romances Charlie Fisher
Children Two unnamed children

Maria Lucas was the girlfriend of Charlie Fisher who he was having an affair with. With the help of Francesca Montoya they manage to keep their affair a secret from Karen Fisher.

She was an English teacher and the deputy head of Glossip Hill School, which Waterloo Road competed against in the school debate.

Eventually Harry Fisher grows suspicious and catches his Dad meeting up with Cesca in the park. The affair is later revealed and Charlie and Karen split up.

After attending the event Maria tries to keep things civil with Karen but the tension between the three of them gets to her. She tells Charlie that she can't cope with it and that he has to prove that he loves her. Charlie does this by telling Karen that he wants a divorce. Karen agrees and the two maintain a good relationship.

Maria isn't seen again, but in Series 6 Episode 10 Charlie moves away with her, after she was offered a new job.

Behind the scenes

Actress Susan Cookson was married to actor Malcolm Scates until his death in 2016; Scates appeared in Series 4 as Ralph Mellor.