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Lukas Wisniewski
Portrayed by Radosław Kaim
First Appearance Series 6 Episode 14
Last Appearance Series 6 Episode 14
Cause/Reason Left due to racial abuse from pupils Martin Dowling and Kyle Stack
Occupation Caretaker
Sons Viktor Wisniewski

Lukas Wisniewski was a Polish caretaker who appeared in Series 6 Episode 14.

During Ruby Fry’s food technology lesson, while Lukas was repairing one of the ovens, students Martin Dowling and Kyle Stack taunt Lukas by saying that’s he stealing jobs from local workers, after Martin’s dad lost out on the caretaker’s job.

Tempers flare between Lukas and Martin, causing Ruby to ask Lukas to leave the classroom. Lukas makes a discrimination complaint to Chris Mead.

Martin and Kyle go further by trashing the school and turning it in to a mess, even spraying anti-immigrant graffiti directed to Lukas in the corridors.

Lukas later says to Martin that it’s a good thing his dad didn’t get the job so he can have time to teach Martin some respect and that he must get his cowardice from his dad. This causes Martin and Kyle to trash Lukas’ office and steal his phone.

Upon seeing the damage, Lukas manhandles Martin up against a wall and demands to know where his phone is. Chris says he is left with no choice but to suspend both of them. The phone then rings from inside Martin’s bag and Lukas takes it back. It was a phone call from Lukas’ son, Viktor, in which he says that he passed a very tough exam in Poland. After a brief moment of celebration, Lukas resigns, saying that one day of Waterloo Road is enough for him and that it would be better for him to have a fresh start somewhere else.

While packing up, Lukas is confronted by Martin’s dad (who tried to shatter the safety glass in Lukas’ office) but the situation is quickly deescalated by Ruby. Chris arrives and reveals to everyone that the reason Martin’s dad didn’t get the job was because he didn’t turn up for his interview.