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Lewis Seddon
Portrayed by Craig Fitzpatrick
First Appearance Series 1 Episode 3
Last Appearance Series 3 Episode 10
Cause/Reason Left his job as lunch hall staff
Occupation Canteen Worker
Mother Mrs. Seddon
Romances Maxine Barlow (Deceased)
Daughters Charlotte Seddon (Stillborn)
Aunts Ma Seddon (By marriage)
Uncles Jed Seddon

Lewis Seddon used to be the bad boy of the Waterloo Road community, but later got a job working for the school's canteen


With the help of his half-brothers and cousins, Lewis has been in trouble from an early age. Lewis has been a thorn in the side of the local police since he was just nine - he boasts that he's the reason the government brought in ASBOs.

Then, finally it seems that Lewis has begun to grow up. He returns back to Waterloo Road, this time as a respected community leader, working in the school's kitchen assisting the new cook, Candice. His girlfriend Maxine Barlow, hopes his new responsibilities will be the making of him. He later finds out during Series 3 that he was the father of Maxine's stillborn baby, Charlotte.

Lewis sometimes would act horrible towards Maxine such as when Chlo Grainger sleeps with Brett Aspinall, Donte Charles had a go at her and smashed up Eddie Lawson's car with a baseball bat, and Lewis says "If it was Maxine, I wouldn't just be smashing windows, get what I mean?". This shows that Lewis acts the tough man and always has it in for people, especially Maxine.

Series 1 & 2

In series 1, Lewis was voted house captain, but was removed from this position after deputy head Andrew Treneman discovered that he had been bribing fellow house members to do his homework in order to get better grades. He gained revenge on Andrew by throwing a brick through a window, gashing his head; Andrew, Kim, and Jack were convinced that Lewis was the attacker but were unable to discipline him because there were no witnesses. But seeming it was obviously him, Kim had given him a good bare bottom spanking, and no-one believed him when he said this had happened, including his mum. And so on, Lewis had desires to get Kim back!

Lewis ended up in the cooler after a tirade of homophobic bullying towards homosexual pupil Rory Brears, which culminated in Lewis headbutting him in front of several teachers.

After leaving the school, he broke in one evening and knocked Jack out with a fire extinguisher and was ready to burn him alive. Steph Haydock foiled his attack with water from another fire extinguisher. In Series 2, it is revealed that he had received an Anti-Social Behaviour Order for this assault.

Lewis was expelled from Waterloo Road after he sexually harassed Kim Campbell. The expulsion was reduced to a 15-day suspension on appeal, but his mother decided to withdraw him from school after they received hate mail from angry pupils and parents. Headmaster Jack Rimmer learnt that Mrs Seddon was committing benefit fraud; he threatened to report her to the police unless she removed Lewis from Waterloo Road.

Lewis returned in Series 2. It was revealed he was in a relationship with drug addict and former pupil Maxine Barlow. As part of his rehabilitation, he found a job working in a local restaurant where teachers, including Steph Haydock and Grantly Budgen, were among the regular customers.

Later, Lewis started up a burger van business with his aunt Gemma Seddon and cousin Jed Seddon, which proved unpopular with headmaster Jack Rimmer. They secretly sold drugs to the pupils of Waterloo Road using this business.

In the final episode of series 2, Lewis spiked Chlo Grainger's drink at her 16th birthday party. Lewis informed the police of Jed Seddon and his aunt's drug lab, which led to Gem being arrested for drug dealing. Jed wasn't in the house when Gem was arrested, and that evening when he arrived at the school to confront Jack Rimmer, a knife fight broke out; Izzie Redpath ran onto Jed's knife and later died. It was never revealed whether Jed was charged in connection with the killing.

Series 3

Lewis returned to Waterloo Road, working in the school kitchen in order to repay his debt to society. He helped find autistic pupil Karla Bentham after she'd seemingly escaped from school grounds after slapping Steph Haydock. Lewis found her hiding behind the school shed, and was surprisingly understanding towards her, although he did mispronounce her condition as "Asparagus Syndrome".

During an archeological dig, the remains of a baby's corpse was found by Karla and Janeece. Once the new head, Miss Mason, found out she immediately contacted the police. An investigation kicks off and Steph must interview each girl at Waterloo Road who has been to the school nurse with sexual health problems. In the end Maxine admits to Janeece that the baby was in fact hers, and had been stillborn. Baby Charlotte was buried by Maxine and was fathered by Lewis Seddon. Lewis blamed himself for the death of his and Maxine's daughter.

Off-screen, Lewis left Waterloo Road.


  • "Yeah Zoe, what you saying?" - first line
  • "Is it you who's looking for that asparagus girl?"
  • "Sir, did dinosaurs do drugs?"
  • "Someone threw a brick at you, Sir. Now why would somebody do that" ?


  • When Andrew implemented a house system, Lewis was captain of Kingfisher House
  • Lewis was intended to appear in Waterloo Road beyond Series 3 Episode 10, however he was written out of the show after his actor, Craig Fitzpatrick, assaulted his pregnant girlfriend in 2007 and was subsequently jailed. Fitzpatrick has since served time in prison for other offences.