Lewis Seddon
F 200709 September1 365145a
Portrayed by Craig FitzPatrick
First Appearance Series 1 Episode 3
Last Appearance Series 3 Episode 10
Cause/Reason Left his job as lunch hall staff
Occupation Canteen Worker
Mother Mrs. Seddon
Romances Maxine Barlow (Deceased)
Daughters Charlotte Seddon (Stillborn)
Aunts Ma Seddon (By marriage)
Uncles Jed Seddon

Former pupil, Lewis Seddon, used to be the bad boy of the local community. He was permanently excluded from Waterloo Road for sexually threatening behaviour towards ex Head of Pastoral Care, Kim Campbell. With the help of his half-brothers and cousins, Lewis has been in trouble from an early age. Lewis has been a thorn in the side of the local police since he was just nine - he boasts that he's the reason the government brought in ASBOs.

Then, finally it seems that Lewis has begun to grow up. He returns back to Waterloo Road, this time as a respected community leader, working in the school's kitchen assisting the new cook, Candice. Girlfriend, Maxine Barlow, hopes his new responsibilities will be the making of him. He later finds out during Series 3 that he was the father of Maxine's still born baby, Charlotte.

Lewis sometimes would act horrible towards Maxine such as when Chlo Grainger sleeps with Brett Aspinall, Donte Charles had a go at her and Lewis says something like "If Maxine had slept with someone else I would proper kill her". This shows that Lewis acts the tough man and always has it in for people, especially Maxine.


  • "Yeah Zoe, what you saying?" - first line
  • "Is it you who's looking for that asparagus girl?"
  • "Sir, did dinosaurs do drugs?"
  • "Someone threw a brick at you, Sir. Now why would somebody do that" ?


  • When Andrew implemented a house system, Lewis was captain of Kingfisher House