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Leigh-Ann Galloway
Leigh Ann Galloway.jpg
Portrayed by Holly Matthews
First Appearance Series 2 Episode 1
Last Appearance Series 2 Episode 3
Cause/Reason Expelled for bullying Mika
Mother Unnamed

Leigh-Ann Galloway was a girl in Mika Grainger's sixth form class who was the main antagonist of the first three episodes of Series 2.

She wanted the affections of new boy Brett Aspinall and was also spiteful to Mika about her mother having it off with Lorna Dickey’s ex-husband Tom Clarkson.

In Episode 1, Leigh-Ann and Mika were invited to Brett's house. After having too much to drink, Leigh-Ann sneakily lifted up Mika's top and took a photo with her phone.

Leigh-Ann created an anonymous hate campaign against Mika, because of which, the two got into a fight in school. Mika was found crying after school by Steph Haydock, who comforted her in a pub.

In Episode 3, Jack Rimmer held a meeting with both girls to find out the truth. Leigh-Ann played the victim, however, the truth eventually came out and she was excluded from Waterloo Road for her bad behavior.

Furious, she heads to Mika's house to tell her that the photo would later be on the website, before telling Mika that it was all out of jealousy.

Mika later tried to attempt suicide by overdosing on pills, but she was stopped by Tom who got her to spit the pills out. After telling her mother Izzie and Tom about the photo, they check the site, only to find a picture of Leigh-Ann and Mika when they were best friends, and the hate site was removed.

Despite this, Leigh-Ann never returned to Waterloo Road.