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Laurence Brown
Portrayed by James Young
First Appearance Series 9 Episode 1 (Beyond the Call of Duty)
Last Appearance Series 9 Episode 1 (Beyond the Call of Duty)
Cause/Reason Arrested for drug growing and dealing
Mother Unnamed
Grandfathers Sergeant Major Laurence Brown
Brothers Lenny Brown
Sisters Lisa Brown

Laurence "Larry" Brown was a character featured in the episode Beyond The Call Of Duty and he is the older brother of twins Lenny and Lisa Brown. Larry was taking care of his younger siblings as their mother is seriously ill.

His Arrest

Audrey was concerned about the twins so she decided to make a visit to the family's home to speak to Larry, however upon arrival she was greeted by very loud music coming from the house. The door was open slightly so Audrey decided to walk in and head upstairs to where the music was coming from, however when she got up there she saw that Larry was growing drugs. At the time, Larry was not home but when he returned he saw Audrey and quickly started questioning her. Audrey got her phone out and Larry pulled it out of her hands as he was concerned that she would phone the police. When Audrey tried to pick her phone up Larry quickly reacted by pushed her over which knocked her out. Larry moved Audrey to the sofa and when she regained consciousness he was very apologetic. Audrey managed to escape the house after she had sent Larry to get her some Aspirin.

Audrey returned to Waterloo Road and went straight to Sonya. Larry also went to Waterloo Road, following Audrey in. Larry explained to Sonya that he had come to pick up the twins, so Sonya offered to walk him to them, which gave Audrey the opportunity to call the police.

Lenny was playing football at the time, and Lisa saw Larry walking over so she went onto the pitch to get Lenny, however this caused chaos between some of the players (especially Kacey Barry) as well as some of the spectators. At this point Audrey also came down and the police arrived shortly after. Larry tried to run away from the police, however they caught him and found drugs in his bag, and he was arrested on the spot.