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Kyle Stack
Portrayed by George Sampson
First Appearance (Regular) Series 6 Episode 11
Last Appearance (Regular) Series 7 Episode 30
First Appearance (Guest) Series 8 Episode 30 (Hero)
Last Appearance (Guest) Series 8 Episode 30 (Hero)
Cause/Reason Jailed for shooting Josh with a crossbow (S7E30)
Disappeared after death of Tom Clarkson (S8E30)
Mother Jackie Stack
Father Paul Teal
Romances Ali Redback
Rhiannon Salt

Kyle Stack is a former pupil of Waterloo Road. He was friends with Denzil KellyHarry FisherHarley TaylorSambuca Kelly and Tariq Siddiqui and previously with Finn SharkeyAmy PorterLauren Andrews and Josh Stevenson

He's the main antagonist of the second half of Series 6, one of the main protagonists and anti-hero in the first half in Series 7, the main antagonist in the third and final part of Series 7 and the main protagonist in the final part of series 8.

Kyle is every teacher’s worst nightmare: mouthy, disrespectful and disruptive. He doesn’t care, which makes disciplining him a nightmare and isn’t scared of expulsion as he doesn’t want to be there anyway. There really isn’t much to recommend about this surly, aggressive child; he has none of the cheeky intelligence of Finn Sharkey or the spark and potential of Ronan Burley and if the teachers were being honest, they’d admit Kyle’s a bit of a lost cause.

Christopher Mead and Tom Clarkson always have an eye on him. He was expelled from Waterloo Road when he punched Nikki Boston in the face. Some days later, he tried to kill Finn Sharkey with a crossbow but unintentionally injured Josh Stevenson. He was sentenced to prison for approximately two years.

When he was freed, he returned to Waterloo Road but Josh's father and English teacher Tom Clarkson didn't want him in the school. After a talk with other teachers, Tom accepted him back in class, and admitted that Kyle may have changed.

Kyle realized that some people were always going to see him as an attempted murderer and convict, and subsequently tried to kill himself by jumping off the roof of the school. He was pulled from the ledge at the last minute by Tom but events following this led to Tom falling off the roof in place of Kyle. Tom had just enough breath left in him after falling the substantial height of the roof to whisper, "It's not Kyle's fault," then die in front of the crowd who had gathered. After this accident, Kyle disappears from Waterloo Road, presumably because he thought he was responsible for Tom's death.

Series 6

We first meet Kyle in Episode 11 along with his mother and dog (a Rottweiler named Manic). Kyle's mother isn't particularly interested in him or his education and clearly bullies him. Kyle hates school and doesn't want to be at Waterloo Road. After some convincing, Kyle leaves his dog outside with Adanna while he goes in for a meeting with Karen, Chris and his mother. During the meeting Kyle sarcastically tells Karen that his job of choice is "drug dealer" and later tells Chris that his favourite subjects are "girls" and "fighting".

After starting a fight with Finn Sharkey in Francesca Montoya’s Spanish class, Kyle is sent to the cooler. He meets another pupil in there, Bex Fisher, who falsely accuses Kyle of sexual assault. Karen wants to exclude Kyle permanently, causing Kyle to force Bex to tell the truth. Kyle sets Manic on Bex and chase her through the school corridors with him. Bex tells the truth but Manic is taken away to get put down. Kyle’s exclusion is reduced to a one week suspension for setting his dog on a pupil.

In Episode 12, Kyle tries out for the school football team. Tom throws Finn off the team after he tries to start a fight with Kyle.

In Episode 14, Kyle and Martin Dowling continuously harass Lukas Wisniewski, the new Polish caretaker, because Martin believes that Lukas had stolen his father's job. Kyle and Martin trash the school as well as Lukas' office and graffiti racial abuse directed at him in the corridors. We later find out that Martin's father hadn't got the job because he didn't turn up for his interview.

In Episode 15, Kyle takes part in the Business Initiative Scheme. He is made a fool of by Finn, who gives Kyle a stupid idea and he then presents it in front of the rest of the students. Kyle goes to attack Finn but is angrily thrown to the floor by Tom, who was suffering from PTSD after Nate's father attacked him in the pub. Kyle respects Tom and lets the altercation slide, telling Karen that it was "a misunderstanding".

In Episode 17, after Kyle is rejected from Finn and Ronan's party, he gets Denzil to call Tom and tell him about the party who subsequently shuts it down after a fight nearly breaks out between Finn and a gang.

In Episode 18, Kyle and Denzil continue their stunts, Kyle organises a drinking game in the boiler room which Denzil wins.

In Episode 19, Kyle auditions for the school pantomime "Cinderfella", he impresses everyone (besides Finn) and he is given the main part.

In Episode 20, Kyle and Finn's tension continues to grow during the rehearsal for Cinderfella. Karen removes him from the pantomime. After losing his part, Kyle and Denzil attempt to ruin the pantomime and are then chased out of school by Tom. Denzil climbs a railway bridge while Kyle films him. Denzil looses his footing and is left clinging on to the bridge, Finn; who has arrived with Karen, Tom and Sam, climbs up to save him and succeeds but ends up falling himself. In the hospital, Kyle and Finn reconcile.

Series 7

Kyle starts the new term off with a scare; his girlfriend, Ali Redback has given birth and dumped the baby in the school. She is later found out and all signs point to Kyle being the father of the boy. After speaking to Sam, Kyle decides to do the right thing and goes to the hospital to see Ali and offers to help be the dad he should be. Ali's mother, Sarah and step father, Callum arrive and a fight nearly erupts before Karen steps in and tells Kyle it probably isn't his baby and that he needs to go back to school. Back at the school, Kyle and Ali try to run away together before everyone catches up to them. Ali then reveals that Callum was the one who got her pregnant after he raped her. Kyle is pushed to the floor by Callum before Chris punches him in the face. Callum is arrested. Afterwards, Kyle laments to Chris that he was ready to be a dad and is saddened, Chris comforts him and tells him he should be proud of himself.

In Episode 3, Kyle is sent to the cooler after trying to sneak away with a camera for Eleanor Chaudry's film project. She sends him to the cooler and tells him that he isn't allowed to take part in the project and must instead write an essay. Afterwards, he is made to clean graffiti by caretaker Rob Scotcher, he is at first reluctant but agrees to help and begins to show interest in being a caretaker. Later, he visits Rob and tells him that a window in the science block has been smashed and he wants to help fix it. He tells Rob that seeing as he is stuck in school he wants to do something he's good at. Rob tells him he can help as long as he finishes the essay, he agrees and later hands his essay in to Karen.

In Episode 7, Kyle attends Sam's memorial service.

In Episode 10, Kyle joins the rooftop protest along with the rest of the school when Karen is suspended and the future of Waterloo Road is in jeopardy. Kyle throws an egg from the roof at Richard Whitman, who is responsible for the suspension of Karen.

In Episode 21, Kyle has returned to Waterloo Road after a period of unexplained absence. Before the school day starts we see him, surrounded by mask and hoody wearing lads; tagging the school with the letters "DSC". Kyle finishes his handiwork and states "Dale Sken Crew in the house". Kyle has become a member of the Dale Sken Crew, along with Tariq's former cell mate, Mason Price; who has just joined Waterloo Road. After Chalky disrespects Tariq, Kyle and Mason both decide that he needs to get some revenge; after pulling the fire alarm they vandalise his classroom and graffiti the DSC tag on his whiteboard.

After Finn pushes Mason to the floor during an argument, Kyle and Mason hatch a plan to stab Finn, they task Tariq with luring Finn to the arcade where they have Tariq fight Finn, Kyle, Mason and the rest of the gang surround Tariq and Finn as they fight. Mason soon takes out the knife and tells Tariq to stab Finn. Chalky arrives and stands between Mason and Finn, refusing to move despite Mason brandishing the knife in front of him. The police soon arrive and Kyle and the rest of the DSC flee, Mason is arrested.

In Episode 22, after Michael initiates the new language scheme at the school to try and stop the spread of gang influence, Kyle is quickly sent to the cooler after acting up in one of Sian's lessons. He pretends to take in what Chalky is saying about gangs and removes his red laces (symbolising the DSC). Later he speaks to Tariq after finding out he is running for Head Boy and gives Tariq a knife. We later find out that Kyle only gave Tariq the knife as it was the same knife used in a robbery and now Tariq is unable to leave the gang. Tariq loses the Head Boy vote to rival Finn and as a result he resets his sight on the DSC.

In Episode 23, Kyle messes with Finn and Trudi after he uploads the video of them messing around to the school website. The video was supposed to introduce them as the head boy and girl. Sian is furious when she sees the video as it paints the school in a bad light.

In Episode 26, Kyle hatches a plan to start a fight with rival gang the 'Murray Set Boyz' (MSB) led by Eugene Garvey; during the school's running event at the Murray estate. Tariq and Kyle engage in a mostly verbal altercation with the MSB before it is broken up by Chalky. Eugene later ends up at Waterloo Road after the run and is threatened by Kyle and Tariq, a physical fight ensues before it is broken up by Chalky and Michael. Tariq and Kyle lie to Michael claiming Eugene came for them. Michael then hints to them he knows they are both members of the DSC.

In Episode 27, Kyle sees Finn purchasing a car from Eugene so him and Tariq vandalise it.

In Episode 28, Tariq and Kyle sell illegally imported Russian vodka. They convince Harley to help them after Kyle gives him some new trainers. Shelby Dixon is desperate for some vodka but has no money; she makes out with Kyle in the food storage room in return for a couple of shots. Nikki catches them in the act and takes them to Michael. Nikki searches both Kyle and Tariq's lockers; the pair expected them to be empty as they had Harley holding all of the vodka. Unbeknownst to them, Grantly had moved it all in to Kyle's locker. Kyle punches Nikki in the face before being dragged off school grounds and excluded. As he walks off, we see him meeting some fellow DSC members.

In Episode 29, Kyle comes back to the school to meet with Tariq. He goes to the common room where he meets Lorraine Donnegan, introducing himself as Derrick Roberts and pretending to be interested in Lorraine's visit to the school; he steals her credit card which she pretends not to see. Michael soon arrives to remove Kyle from the premises, Kyle spits in his face. Michael takes back Lorraine's card before chucking him out once more. Later on when the MSB enlists Finn to carry out an arson attack on the DSC's hangout. Finn throws a molotov cocktail inside; unaware Naseem is in there. He runs in and saves her. Tariq attacks Finn and the rest of the DSC arrive as Eugene and the rest of the MSB come out of the bushes. A brawl is about to erupt before Michael and Trudi arrive and both gangs flee.

In the final episode of the series, Kyle and Tariq plan to kill Finn with a crossbow that Kyle had ordered to Tariq's house. Tariq is immediately uneasy at the idea but is talked in to it by Kyle. Kyle tells Tariq that he's been thrown out of his house by his mum for selling weed. Tariq distracts Ronan Burley, who has returned to cater for the prom, while Kyle puts the crossbow in the back of Ronan's van so they can get it past the metal detectors and in to the school; Tariq hides the crossbow in his locker.

After overhearing the MSB and Tariq talking about Finn, Josh becomes increasingly concerned and enlists Ronan to help him. They discover that after Kyle was thrown out of his home he has been living in a smashed up car with very few possessions to his name.

Tariq tries to back out again as him and Kyle practice with the crossbow but Kyle threatens him. He then tells him to move the crossbow to the top of the bike shed in case Tariq's locker gets searched. When the school is finally closed and all the students are leaving, Tariq goes to the bike shed and moves the crossbow to the locker room so that Kyle won't be able to find it. As the secret prom begins Tariq and Kyle arrive and Tariq informs him that the crossbow has gone missing and that he will pay Kyle back. Kyle acts like he is unbothered telling Tariq that it’s "your beef" and Tariq goes inside. Kyle breaks in to the school to look for the crossbow. Tariq leaves the school and goes to the locker room to take the crossbow with him; only to find out that Kyle has already taken it. He runs back to the dance to warn Finn. Kyle steps out of the shadows and fires the crossbow at Finn, Josh pushes him out of the way but gets his arm grazed by the bolt. Michael restrains Kyle and he is arrested and sent to prison for assault occasioning actual bodily harm (ABH).

Series 8

Kyle returns in the final episode of Series 8 after serving his time in prison. He sneaks in to the school house and hides his bag before going to the school. He appears to have changed and is now taking an actual interest in his studies, and the new deputy head and headmistress decide to allow him to stay for a trial run.

It is revealed that while in prison, he assaulted an inmate for "no reason" although he later states to duty head Simon Lowsley that the inmate had insulted his mother.

Throughout this episode, Tom Clarkson and the deputy head attempt to help Kyle and work out why he's come back to the school. He later shows violence towards Barry Barry when he makes comments about Kyle's mother.

Kyle is restrained and runs away, although at the end of the episode, he is seen on the roof about to commit suicide. Tom steps up to help him. While up on the roof, Kyle confessed that he was abused at the youth offenders. After Tom convinces him to come down with him, Kyle makes the move to step down from the roof, but Tom loses his footing and falls off the roof, dying of his injuries after managing to tell onlookers that his fall wasn't Kyle's fault. Kyle was last seen being taken off the the roof by Simon Lowsley.

It is unknown what happened to Kyle after as he wasn't seen again.