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Kimberly Campbell
Portrayed by Angela Griffin
First Appearance (First stint) Series 1 Episode 1
Last Appearance (First stint) Series 2 Episode 12
First Appearance (Second stint) Series 4 Episode 11
Last Appearance (Second stint) Series 5 Episode 20
Cause/Reason Went to Rwanda with Andrew Treneman (first stint)

Maternity Leave (second stint)

Occupation Art Teacher
PSHE Teacher
Head of Pastoral Care
Sibling(s) Christopher Campbell
Spouse(s) Tony (ex-husband)
Romances Andrew Treneman
Max Tyler
Chris Mead
Children Grace Campbell (adopted)
Dexter Campbell

Kimberly 'Kim' Campbell is the fair, straight talking former pastoral teacher who is always the children's friend. She has many disagreements about how situations should be dealt with inside the school with colleague Andrew Treneman - an advocate for firm discipline. Kim is a valued member of staff and her opinion is respected by both Jack Rimmer and Treneman. She is always the voice of reason, and knows how to deal with the kids and their problems.

Series 1 & 2

Kim and Andrew Treneman hated each other when he arrived at Waterloo Road, not least because of his "back to basics" approach to disciplinary issues, but have since fallen in love. She had a nasty encounter with Lewis Seddon when he made sexual advances towards her in the "cooler" (an internal exclusion centre), and had to be persuaded to reconsider her resignation after deciding that she wanted to leave the school; she had come to that decision after the appeal panel reduced Lewis's expulsion to a 15-day suspension on the grounds that they believed she had taken Lewis to the cooler for "reasons other than discipline". However, Lewis still left the school after his family received hate mail from other pupils and parents, and Mr Rimmer had received letters which claimed that Mrs Seddon was committing benefit fraud and had receive a large sum of money in an insurance scam. He threatened to report Mrs Seddon to the police unless she withdrew Lewis from the school.

Campbell is also opposed to, and suspicious of, Chairman of Governors Roger Aspinall and does not agree with his plans for the future of the school, which he was hoping to turn into a state-of-the-art academy. At the end of series two Andrew Treneman drops a bomb shell on her when he tells her that he is leaving for Rwanda, and he asks her to go with him. She takes a leap of faith and goes with him, which ultimately proved to be the wrong choice for her.

Series 4

Kim left for Rwanda at the end of the second series with Andrew. However, she later returned series 4 bringing with her a baby daughter, Grace. At first it seemed Grace was her own daughter, however Kim later confessed to Steph that she took Grace from Rwanda illegally. Since she returned, Kim has had many arguments with deputy head Eddie Lawson over their opposing views. Eventually, Immigration became suspicious of Kim and made an appointment to look around her home; Steph however had taken Grace away while the investigation was taking place leaving Kim in the clear. This was not to last as the officials stepped up their investigation and eventually found Grace at Waterloo Road while Kim was helping Chlo to deliver her baby; a distraught Kim watched on as Grace was sent away, presumably back to Rwanda.

Andrew Treneman returns for a fundraising day at the end of the series and Kim blames him for Grace being taken away. Andrew confesses to Kim that he realised that she was unhappy in Rwanda and that they should have come back sooner. However, they make up and at the end of the series it looks as if the two of them have got back together.

Series 5

Kim returns alongside Rachel Mason to Waterloo Road as they try to merge the school with John Fosters. New deputy head Christopher Mead and executive head Max Tyler also head up the team as former John Foster's deputy head and headteacher respectively. Despite many differences with Max's methods and siding with close friend Rachel against Max, she engages in a relationship with him unaware that he is married. She is put in a difficult position when Rachel confides in her about her harsh feelings towards Max and struggles to cope with maintaining the balance of peace between the two factions. When Kim found out about Max hitting Philip, she immediately told Rachel and ended her relationship with Max for good after he left Waterloo Road, horrified that he could do such a thing to a pupil and have no remorse for it at all.

It is then revealed that she is pregnant with Maxs' child. She tells Rachel and Chris her news and they seem shocked, especially when she tells them that she isn't going to tell Max about the baby. Later on the episode a pupil is abducted by their father, and Rachel follows them, this makes her pregnancy really hits home and she becomes really upset about the situation.

Kim asks Chris to come with her to the scan and he agrees. Kim gets told that it is a boy she is carrying.

After Michaela White is rejected from the APU scheme, Kim rants on at Chris for not accepting Michaela.

In Ep18, Kim gave birth to her son by an emergency C-section. In Ep19, Kim is stressed from the baby so when Chris wants to be with her she is tired. She says it isn't right, Chris changing her baby's nappies when they haven't even been out on a date! She breaks up with him. Chris storms out saying he is a fool for trying to make it work.

Kim left at the end of the series.


Kim Campbell was a new teacher starting in March 2003.


  • "Mystery over" (first line)

  • "That takes us up to five mums to be. We could start our own antenatal classes."

  • Kim: " Grantly, I'm surprised.
  • Grantly: "About what?"
  • Kim: "You're not dead!"

  • Bolton: "Miss, you're back!"
  • Kim: "Huh, so I am."