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Kenzie Calhoun
Portrayed by Charlotte Beaumont
First Appearance Series 10 Episode 11 (A New Start)
Last Appearance Series 10 Episode 20 (A Fairytale Ending)
Cause/Reason End of the programme
Mother Ailsa Calhoun
Half-Sisters Skylar Calhoun
Romances Scott Fairchild
Justin Fitzgerald

Kenzie Calhoun was as student at Waterloo Road who appeared in Series 10. It is discovered that she is illiterate, having failed to spend much time at school due to caring for her mother who had ME. She was mentioned by one of her old schools as having, “kleptomaniac tendencies” this was due to the fact that she was stealing people’s school books to copy their work. She was one of the main female protagonists of the second half of the final series.

Series 10

In Series 10 Episode 11 (A New Start) new deputy headteacher Lorna Hutchinson gets to the bottom of Kenzie's previous bad behaviour. She discovers that Kenzie is illiterate and promises that the school will help her. Kenzie and Lorna form a close bond throughout the rest of the series.

Kenzie also acts cold towards other new student Scott Fairchild who she previously knew. It turns out that he previously 'took her virginity' and they had broken up.

In Series 10 Episode 12 (Scott's Bike Ride) , she claims that Christine Mulgrew treats her like a child when she is being taught the basics of reading and writing, Christine says it has to be done. Finally, Kenzie says to Lorna that she want her to teach her, Lorna and Vaughan come to a decision about what to do. After Scott causes Kevin Chalk to injury himself in a bicycle accident she encourages him to do the right thing for once in his life. Although the two of them still act coldly towards one another she was glad to have made an impression on him. .

In Series 10 Episode 13 (Lenny's Dilemma) Kenzie is mortified when Bonnie let's slip to Justin and Scott that Kenzie can't read or write. Kenzie warns Bonnie to leave her alone.

In Episode 14 during the Geography field trip Kenzie finds out from Bonnie that Scott Fairchild has been sleeping with her mother. Mortified, she attacks Scott but his held back by Justin Fitzgerald.

In Series 10 Episode 15 Kenzie and Justin are in a relationship, much to the annoyance of Scott.

In Series 10 Episode 16 having given her mum the silent treatment for a few days, Kenzie decides to leave home. She moves into the school house where Maggie Budgen agrees to let her stay. Justin convinces Scott to fix everything due to this being his fault. Scott goes to talk to Kenzie's mother who manages to make amends with Kenzie. After this Kenzie returned home.

in Series 10 Episode 17 things reach breaking point between Justin and Scott. The two of them are caught fighting in the corridor. Mortified, Kenzie breaks up the fight and says she wants nothing to do with either of them anymore.

In Series 10 Episode 20 (A Fairytale Ending) Kenzie is locked in the school fridge along with Marco D'Olivera by Lorna Hutchinson's controlling ex-husband Rob Hutchinson. Kenzie is upset that she is unable to give her speech at the meeting to save Waterloo Road. Scott speaks for her. In the end Scott and Kenzie can't deny their feelings for one another any longer. They get back together and are last seen celebrating as the school is saved.