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John Fry
Portrayed by Ralph Ineson
First Appearance Series 5 Episode 5
Last Appearance Series 6 Episode 10
Cause/Reason Unknown
Spouse(s) Ruby Fry
Wards Cheryl Bryant

John Fry is the husband of former food technology teacher Ruby Fry. He is a minor character in the series, appearing in Series 5 and 6.

Series 5

John loses his business and becomes bankrupt in this series, causing his wife to have a meltdown during the school day. Before Ruby discovers John's problems, she suspects he is having an affair. She later says that she would have preferred it if this was the case. He then walks out.

Series 6

In this series John and Ruby discover they can't have children. This leads them to looking for a surrogate mother and they end up turning to Janeece Bryant. Janeece offers them her baby as she says that she does not want it, but later changes her mind. Ruby is reluctant to adopt the baby at first, as she does not get along well with Janeece. They eventually end up taking care of baby Cheryl, calling her Poppy. However, Janeece ends up saying that she wants her baby back. John is shown to be very upset about this, and later starts crying.

John is last seen in Series 6 Episode 10 and is not seen ever since.