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Joe Mulgrew appeared in Series 8 Episode 14.

Joe Mulgrew
Portrayed by Derek Riddell
First Appearance Series 8 Episode 14 (Sins of the Father)
Last Appearance Series 8 Episode 14 (Sins of the Father)
Cause/Reason Left after gaining the rights to his father’s farmhouse
Father Farmer Mulgrew (deceased)
Half-Brothers Connor Mulgrew
Spouse(s) Christine Mulgrew (divorced)

Christine is shocked when her ex-husband and Connor's presumed father Joe turns up at the school.

Joe says he has something important to talk to Christine about but Christine tells him to talk to her at lunchtime. In the meantime, he kills time by fixing computers around the school. When they talk, Joe says his father recently died and he left Christine his farmhouse in his will. Joe says he is in a relationship and expecting a kid so the farmhouse would be a fresh start. He wants her to sign a document relinquishing her right to the legacy.

Christine refuses to do, saying that Connor can have it due to Joe walking out him. Joe doesn’t believe that Connor is his child but Christine manages to convince him that he is.

Christine says that she would send Connor a card every birthday and Christmas pretending to be from Joe, because she didn’t want Connor to think his dad was a coward. She also says she told Connor that Joe is an abroad paramedic, so there is a good reason for why he is never around.

Christine reluctantly lets Joe see Connor, who, in view of his mother's past lies, wants to leave with Joe. Christine signs the document relinquishing her right to the estate. She then tells Joe that she was ‘always waiting for him to come home’ so she found someone else and that he is not actually Connor’s father. After being told this, Joe leaves without the boy.

The truth is a lot darker as it turns out that Christine was actually raped by Joe's father, and so Joe and Connor are actually half-brothers. Connor finds out as he overhears Christine telling Michael about it.

Joe is not seen again.