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Jimmy Grainger
Jimmy Grainger.png
Portrayed by David Crellin
First Appearance Series 1 Episode 1
Last Appearance Series 1 Episode 4
Romances Izzie Redpath (deceased) (divorced)
Daughters Mika Grainger

Chlo Grainger

Granddaughters Izzie Charles

Jimmy Grainger is the father of Mika and Chlo and the ex-husband of Izzie Redpath. On the night of Chlo's car accident, Jimmy is supposed to be looking after the girls whilst Izzie was attending Tom and Lorna's wedding. However, Chlo persuades him to leave her and Mika on their own so that she can go out with Donte.

After this, Jimmy finds himself in a constant battle with Izzie over seeing his daughters.

On one occasion, he decides to glue the locks of Izzie's car so by the end of the school day, Izzie nor her daughters can get in the car, and Jimmy turns up offering his kids a lift. This stems a heated fight between Jimmy, Izzie and Tom who is trying to intervene. He even takes the extreme measure of climbing onto the school's roof to protest and send out a message to the pupils and staff on how important it is that kids get custody to see their Dads. His presence on the roof, which lasts the whole day, causes severe disruption to the whole school day, and puts increasing pressure on Jack, who has to get him down. Izzie, originally reluctant to have anything to do with him, eventually manages to talk to him away from the roof about seeing Mika and Chlo, but they both turn their backs on him when they found out he hasn't been paying anything to Izzie to look after the children on her own. Jimmy is distraught; he knows he know has to do some serious work to be able to see his kids.

Whilst this is the last time we see Jimmy, he is mentioned and heard throughout the rest of the series. He starts paying for his daughters and agrees to pay Izzie back the costs of repairing the glued locks. Thereafter he isn't seen but we hear from Mika and Chlo that they are both very much on speaking terms with him and they do see him occasionally.

However towards the end of Series 1, it appears the relationship between him and the daughters has drained again as Chlo voices her opinions on how he is a bad father. This is the last time he is mentioned, although he does apparently give Chlo permission later on in Series 3 to get married to Donte (being the original Father).


"Your mum said you didn't want to go." (First line)

  • Jimmy: Oh you snidey cow!
  • Tom Clarkson: You don't talk to her like that!
  • Jimmy: I'll talk to her how I want, be cause she is a freaking-(Tom punches Jimmy)

"It is me, and I'm not coming down until you accept that I'm entitled to see my daughters whenever I like!"

"Izzie Redpath is an unfit mother! She drinks too much, and she's up to her eyes in debt!"

"If you cared about this school like you say you do, you'd get Izzie to make sure that I get access to my kids, or else I'll get my own publicity! I've got my own camera right here! I'm sending pictures straight to the news desk! Say cheese!"

"Kids need dads!" (Chanted repeatedly by Jimmy while on the school roof)

"I've just posted you a cheque for the car locks! There's a fiver in it for each of the girls and all." (Last line)