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Jim Ronsley / "Frankie McGregor"
Portrayed by Duncan Pow
First Appearance Series 9 Episode 9 (Father Figure)
Last Appearance Series 9 Episode 9 (Father Figure)
Cause/Reason Arrested for the child abduction of Lenny Brown

Jim Ronsley featured in Series 9 of Waterloo Road for just one episode, masquerading as his brother-in-law Frankie McGregor.

He was originally introduced as a supply teacher, sitting in one of Sue Lowsley's science lessons.

Focusing mainly on her wedding preparations, Sue decides to let "Frankie" take the class himself. The students seem confused, as he knows little about science, but the lesson manages to go ahead uninterrupted.

Later, Ronsley notices school house pupil, Lenny Brown, is extremely lonely since his sister Lisa Brown made new friends. He offers to take Lenny fishing at the pier at lunchtime, and Lenny responds extremely enthusiastically. "Frankie" then checks with headteacher Christine Mulgrew, who at first disapproves, however seeing them together at lunchtime Christine eventually allows Lenny to go fishing with him.

"Frankie" and Lenny decide to go fishing at a nearby lake, despite the fact that the impostor told Christine he is taking Lenny to the pier. Before this, "Frankie" takes another one of Sue's classes, in which the older kids realise he knows very little about teaching and science, and it begins to ring alarm bells.

Whilst Lenny and Ronsley are fishing, Waterloo Road is informed that the real Frankie McGregor is in fact an extremely ill former supply teacher who can no longer teach, thus leading them to realise that the man with Lenny is an impostor, and they discover he is actually the real Frankie's brother-in-law. This sends Christine and deputy head Simon Lowsley into a major panic, and they quickly drive to the river. As they arrive, Ronsley and Lenny are fishing, but Christine's sudden appearance startles them and Lenny falls into the river. Luckily, he is saved by Simon and the police take away Ronsley, who maintains that he was just taking Lenny fishing, and nothing more.