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Jeremy Diamond
Portrayed by Alex Walkinshaw
First Appearance Series 7 Episode 11
Last Appearance Series 7 Episode 28
Cause/Reason Left after ending his marriage with Sian Diamond
Born 9th September 1976
Occupation Football Player
PE Teacher
Spouse(s) Sarah Diamond (divorced)
Sian Diamond (divorced)
Romances Janeece Bryant
Sons Zack Diamond
Daughters Madi Diamond

Jeremy "Jez" Diamond is a former footballer-turned PE Teacher.

Jez remains a disciplined, vain, fitness-obsessed disciplinarian. He starts up a military-style “Fat Club” – aiming to target the less healthy pupils and staff in order to shape their futures. He proves a popular teacher with the gifted kids, but tends to overlook the weaker ones – almost bullying them into defeat when they don’t quite measure up. His ripped body doesn’t go unnoticed by the female pupils.

He’s father to Zack and Madeline ‘Madi’ from his previous marriage, which ended when he embarked on an affair with Sian at their previous school. When their affair became public knowledge, Sian and Jez quickly left the school under a cloud of controversy and hastily married to justify their actions. Inseparable, they think themselves as the ‘golden couple’, but this image proves short-lived when Jez’s ex-wife dumps their kids at Waterloo Road. Jez lacks a degree of responsibility and maturity when it comes to Zack and Madi and it soon becomes apparent that he puts his marriage to Sian before the need of his own kids. Following Sian's affair he has a brief fling with Janeece, but later reconciles with Sian. Later, the two of them realise their relationship isn't working and Jez moves away.


  • The character of Jez Diamond was originally going to be portrayed by former EastEnders actor Paul Nicholls, however he quit 3 days into filming as he felt he wasn't in the right mind frame for filming following his grandfathers recent death, he was immediately replaced by Alex Walkinshaw.