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Jennifer Headley
Portrayed by Georgia Mackenzie
First Appearance Series 5 Episode 5
Last Appearance Series 5 Episode 10
Occupation LEA Representative
Spouse(s) Max Tyler

Jennifer Headley was an LEA representative as well as the estranged wife of Max Tyler.

Jennifer first appears in Series 5 Episode 5 much to the annoyance of Max. She promises to keep their relationship a secret from the school. Max asks Jennifer to use her position to try to sack Rachel Mason. Chris Mead tells Rachel about Jennifer and Max being married.

In Series 5 Episode 7 Rachel reveals to Kim Campbell, who has been dating Max, that he is married. An enraged Max turns up at Rachel's house and threatens her.

After reconciling with Kim, Max plans to get a divorce.

Jennifer reappears in Series 5 Episode 10 after Rachel calls her telling her that she was planning to resign. Jennifer explains that she came to persuade her to stay. She suspends Max and explains that he likely won't teach again. Jennifer is last seen talking to Kim, who apologises for the affair. Jennifer explains that Max is a great guy when things go his way.