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Jade Fleming
Portrayed by Paige Meade (Paigey Cakey)
First Appearance Series 8 Episode 1 (New Beginnings)
Last Appearance Series 8 Episode 20 (Paradise Found)
Cause/Reason Left School
Born 28th August 1997
Romances Drew Kelly
Daughters Unnamed

Jade Fleming is a former student at Waterloo Road. She was portrayed by Paige Meade, who is also a singer and rapper with the stage name Paigey Cakey.

Jade joins the school at the start of series 8 after she and her boyfriend, Drew Kelly have been on the run from London and hiding out in an derelict house after they absconded from a care-home in Hackney as Drew stabbed his care-worker. Jade wants her chance to get a decent education, but the new life she envisaged may not be as easy to achieve as she thinks. Jade and Drew both make the choice to enrol at Waterloo Road and their facade soon starts to break down. Michael advises Jade to get checked out by the school nurse. There, she is astonished to discover she is pregnant with Drew's baby! Drew hurts Jade and she therefore has to go to hospital. Later, Drew threatens the lunch hall and Michael Byrne with a kitchen knife. He is subsequently arrested, and writes Jade a heartfelt letter, hoping her and their child will be happy.

Later, she puts the baby up for adoption and gets interest from who she thought were the perfect couple, however she later finds out they were actually divorced. Jade's water breaks with only Scout and Mr Budgen on hand.


In the episode that Jade Fleming first appeared, Michael Byrne referred to her as being named Jade Willis. This was due to Jade and her boyfriend Drew both having to use fake names as Drew was on the run from the police.