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The Headteacher is the leader of the Senior Management Team at Waterloo Road. They are responsible for all aspects of the school, and are expected to have a good sense of leadership. It is their responsibility to manage the staff and pupils whilst being the most senior teacher in school.

Where the Headteacher is not present on site, the Deputy Headteacher deputises for the Headteacher in their absence. This is seen throughout the series, with some teachers taking on the role of Acting Headteacher where absence was planned or unforeseen (for example, due to the previous headteacher being suspended or on sick leave).

List of known Headteachers

Brian Vaisey [Series 1 Episode 1 - Series 1 Episode 1]

He resigned in the first episode with immediate effect after he had a nervous breakdown and started throwing his belongings off of the school roof. It is mentioned that he had been the head for a long time.

Jack Rimmer [Series 1 Episode 1 - Series 3 Episode 6]

Deputy Head Jack assumed the role of acting head after Mr. Vaisey's departure, later getting appointed as the headteacher proper.

Due to a financial misconduct on Jack's part, Jack was suspended by the Schools Governing Body, but decided to fully resign with immediate effect instead.

Rachel Mason [Series 3 Episode 7 - Series 5 Episode 20]

Initially appointed by the LEA as an Associate Headteacher, Rachel soon decided to remain at the school permanently, in the role as Headteacher. Rachel had a different approach in comparison to Jack. She turned Waterloo Road around completely because of her ethos.

After starting a relationship with Adam Fleet, she later married him and left Waterloo Road with him.

Max Tyler [Executive Head] [Series 5 Episode 1 - Series 5 Episode 10]

He became the Executive Headteacher of Waterloo Road after the merging with his public school, John Fosters. He was also Executive Head of three other schools in the area. He immediately clashed with Rachel due to his radical opinions and views on how the school should be ran, but soon began a relationship with Kim. Later in the series he physically abused Rachel's nephew, Philip Ryan, leading to Max being fired. Rachel gained full control of the school again.

Karen Fisher [Series 6 Episode 1 - Series 7 Episode 10]

Arrives to Waterloo Road with her husband, Charlie Fisher and two of their children, Jess Fisher and Harry Fisher. They have another child, Bex Fisher who is introduced later in the series.

She was forced to leave the school due to poor management of it. Despite this, she had lots of support from staff and students.

Michael Byrne [Series 7 Episode 11 - Series 8 Episode 28]

Arrives at Waterloo Road with a familiar face, Matt Wilding and a new Head of English, Linda Radleigh. When the school relocated to Greenock, he remained in charge of the school. He resigned from the school after the school was handed to the local authority.

Christine Mulgrew [Series 8 Episode 29 to Series 9 Episode 19]

She arrived to Waterloo Road with her son, Connor Mulgrew. She was originally an English Teacher, who Michael strongly believed in, therefore suggesting she was a suitable candidate for Headteacher position. In Series 9 Christine drives in to school under the influence of alcohol; the stress of being headteacher causes her to hit the bottle hard and so she resigns from the headteacher role, staying at the school in the English department once she had gotten her alcoholism under control.

Vaughan Fitzgerald [Series 10 Episode 1 - Series 10 Episode 20]

He arrived with his partner Allie Westbrook and her two children Floyd and Tiffany. Vaughan was later joined by his two sons Justin and Leo after his ex wife Olga has a breakdown. In Episode 10 Allie and Vaughan decide to split after Justin punches Allie on the last day of term but Allie does not press charges.

Vaughan Fitzgerald remains headteacher after the final series ends.

Deputy Headteachers

Acting Headteachers