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Harry Fisher
Portrayed by Cel Spellman
First Appearance Series 6 Episode 1
Last Appearance Series 7 Episode 10
Cause/Reason Moved away with his family when his Mum (Karen Fisher) got fired from her role as Headteacher
Mother Karen Fisher
Father Charlie Fisher
Sisters Bex Fisher
Jess Fisher
Romances Ruth Kirby
Nieces and Nephews Jess's unborn child with Aiden Scotcher

Harry Fisher was first seen at the beginning of Series Six when his mother, Karen Fisher joined the school as head. His sister Jess Fisher also joined with him alongside his dad, Charlie Fisher. His family are still upset of their missing sister, Bex Fisher. Harry was portrayed by Ceallach "Cel" Spellman.

Series 6

In the first episode, Harry finds out that his dad is having an affair and alongside the help of Sambuca Kelly, takes photos of him and Francesca Montoya, all though he is actually seeing another woman called Maria. At first Karen doesn't believe him but then the story unfolds. His parents arguing were one reason Harry suffered from bulimia and his sister started veering off the rails because of the disappearance of their sister Bex Fisher

He starts a budding romance with Ruth Kirby and they join forces to defeat the bullies. Though in Episode 7 it all goes belly up when he attempts to drown himself after the bullying of Finn Sharkey and Josh Stevenson. Finn then reveals Harry makes himself sick to his mother, and he is sorted out. Later that day he is found eating and attempting to be sick. Karen wanted Harry to write the names of the people who were bullying him, so he wrote Finn SharkeyJosh Stevenson, and, to Karen's surprise, his sister Jess Fisher.

Series 7

At the start of Series 7, he starts hanging round with Kyle Stack and gets involved with the lives of his sister Jess Fisher and her best mate Vicki MacDonald.

In Series 7 Episode 10, Karen Fisher is fired by Director of Education, Richard Whitman, due to the poor management of the school and partly due to Eleanor Chaudry. This is the last time Harry was seen.