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Harley Taylor
Portrayed by Kane Tomlinson-Weaver
First Appearance Series 7 Episode 11
Last Appearance Series 10 Episode 10 (The Final Straw)
Cause/Reason Left School
Born 1997
Father Nelson Smith
Grandmothers Brenda (Deceased)
Brothers Phoenix Taylor
Romances Lula Tsibi

Harley Taylor is a pupil from Waterloo Road, and the brother of Phoenix Taylor.

Series 7

Harley joins Waterloo Road in the Spring Term alongside his brother Phoenix. They realise that their nan has died but still attend school on the same day Harley wants to tell others what has happened but Phoenix is determined not to as he doesn't want to live with their dad. Harley makes good friends with Zack Diamond and Naseem Siddiqui. At the end of the Summer Term Harley decides to travel up to Scotland (due to the schools closure) with Michael Byrne, Sian DiamondTom Clarkson, Daniel Chalk, Grantly Budgen, Maggie Croft, Josh Stevenson, Tariq Siddiqui, Denzil Kelly, Jodie Allen and his brother Phoenix. He is also age 13 as he joins his new school but disaster strikes as the final episode is left on a cliff hanger

Series 8

In series 8 Harley's accommodated in the School Boarding House along with his brother Phoenix, Jodie Allen, Tariq Siddiqui and Rhiannon Salt (later Jade Fleming and Kevin Chalk). He also becomes good friends with Lula Tsibi and Kacey Barry. In the Spring Term Phoenix and Harley win the lottery with Phoenix leaving with his dad to work for the family business. After some argument and disagreement, the family come to terms and make up. On the first day of the Summer Term, Harley accepts drugs from new boy Fergal; much to Lula's disaproval and climbs onto the school roof however he's saved by school handyman Ndale Kayuni. He is seen crying when Tom Clarkson dies.

Series 9

Harley appears in Series 9. In Series 9 Episode 6, Grantly has returned to Waterloo Road and takes over Tom Clarkson’s Poetry Competition. Harley writes a poem about him but Grantly thinks he has copied it from the internet. He later persuades Grantly to bet on Kacey Barry, in an attempt to prove to him that he told the truth. It works, and he wins the Poetry competition, but while he reads the poem out to the whole school, Grantly passes away from kidney failure, leaving Harley distraught.

In Series 9 Episode 16, his best friend Lula Tsibi is threatened with deportation, he and other students, along with Maggie Budgen & Audrey McFall campaign to get her to stay, but to no avail and it ends when Harley throws a bucket of paint and almost hits Sue Spark. Lula reveals herself to immigration and is taken away by them. Harley and Lula share a passionate kiss and reveal that they always loved each other. The following episode, Harley destroys the school library grieving over Lula’s deportation but is comforted by Audrey McFall. 


"You're not funny." (First line)


  • Harley was the only student to appear in both Rochdale and the final series. He and Maggie Budgen were the only characters in the final series who were present in Rochdale.