BBC Waterloo Road Wiki
Portrayed by Samuel Holland
First Appearance Series 7 Episode 23
Last Appearance Series 7 Episode 23
Cause/Reason Arrested for dealing drugs
Occupation Drug Dealer
Romances Josh Stevenson

Grady was a drug dealer who had a "romance" with Josh Stevenson. He was introduced as Josh Stevenson’s boyfriend, and they seemed to share a passionate romance. Josh was afraid to tell his father Tom Clarkson, due to the fact Grady was providing him drugs.

A teacher running for head of English and student Lauren Andrews accidentally revealed to the whole class that they had been dating. Finn Sharkey caught wind and revealed this was his dealer’s dealer and that he was dangerous. Josh became suspicious. They met up during lunchtime, where Grady persuaded Josh to smoke drugs again. Josh became stoned.

Nikki Boston, passing by, saw Josh stoned and used an army tactic to sober him up. She took Josh on cadet training. Whilst there, Josh spotted Grady with a girl whom he have drugs to. Josh rushed over but Grady attacked Josh. Nikki helped Josh and Grady escaped.

Player that day, Grady showed up at the school. When Nikki saw him, she used an army skill to take down Grady and Shona Mansfield called the police. He was arrested and never seen again.