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Georgia Stevenson
Portrayed by Fiona Allen
First Appearance Series 5 Episode 3
Last Appearance Series 5 Episode 7
Romances Tom Clarkson
Sons Josh Stevenson

Georgia Stevenson is the mother of Josh Stevenson, whom she gave birth to after stealing Tom Clarkson's sperm. She had a one night stand with Tom while she was his teacher in college, and it never turned into anything other than the one night stand.

Georgia raised Josh by herself, telling him that Tom had walked out on them until Josh transferred to Waterloo Road from John Foster's and found his father, only knowing what his mother had told him about him. He placed pictures around the school of Tom and Georgia, leading to Tom finally confronting Josh where Josh told him he was his father. Tom at first didn't believe it and went to see Georgia who confirmed it was indeed true.

It is later revealed that Georgia stole Tom's sperm with a turkey baster and used it to impregnate herself with Josh without Tom's consent. Tom is angry when he hears this and storms out of the house.

Josh later moves in with Tom and Georgia isn't seen again.