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Floyd Westbrook
Portrayed by Leo Flanagan
First Appearance Series 10 Episode 1 (Home Sweet Home)
Last Appearance Series 10 Episode 10 (The Final Straw)
Cause/Reason Left with Allie & Tiffany
Mother Allie Westbrook
Sisters Tiffany Westbrook

Floyd Westbrook Is the son of Allie and brother of Tiffany Westbrook. He and Tiffany started at Waterloo Road when Allie and her boyfriend Vaughan got jobs there.

When Floyd and Tiffany try to introduce themselves to Vaughan's sons Justin and Leo as friends, Justin punches Floyd and they end up fighting in the middle of the school. The fight was broken up by Deputy Head Simon Lowsley, who took them straight to Vaughan's office.

Floyd is shown later on to be a bit of a smug, pompous boy who always loved watching Justin get done by either teachers and Vaughan, He also likes annoying the hell out of Justin.

Floyd is the first to discover the secret relationship between Justin and Tiffany after hearing sounds coming from the converted garage. He questions them as to what they are doing but seems unconvinced with their answer. The following day he tells Justin he knows what is going on and that he should stay away from Tiffany, Justin refuses telling him "your sister can't keep her hands off me".

He is shown to be caring as he warns Justin to keep away from Tiffany for fear he would hurt her. When Justin punches Allie, Floyd is furious and says that "he'll kill him."

He appears to have a crush on Gabriella Wark, although this doesn't lead anywhere and the two of them just stay as friends.

Floyd is last seen leaving the school with Tiffany and Allie after her and Vaughan broke up on mutual grounds. None of them are seen again.


"Get a room!" (First line)

"You and him!" when he finds out about Justin and Tiffany