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Felicity Mellor
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Portrayed by Sadie Pickering
First Appearance Series 4 Episode 1
Last Appearance Series 4 Episode 20
Cause/Reason Finished School
Father Ralph Mellor
Romances Marley Kelly
Philip Ryan

Felicity "Flick" Mellor isn't that academic, but has communication and diplomacy skills that ensure she is a popular student. As Head Girl, she is clearly one of the most popular girls in the sixth form but she treads the fine line between attractive and threatening. She takes her responsibility seriously, and uses her leverage to talk to staff 'on a level'. She is also shown to be close friends with Chlo Grainger.

The apple of her dad's eye, Ralph is blinded to his daughter's shortcomings by her facade of innocence and butter wouldn't melt charm.

But when Flick has a relationship with Marley her father is horrified. Ralph Mellor has a strong distaste for the Kelly family and even more so with Marley, as he feels he is leading his daughter astray. When Flick tests positive on a drugs awareness day that Ralph has facilitated, he tries to shift the results to Marley's profile but he is soon found out and forced to step down as Chair of Governors. Later on when Marley is in need of money due to his family's eviction from Tom Clarkson's road, Ralph offers him £5000 to stay away from Flick. Due to his family loyalties Marley accepts the bribe, but later on Marley can resist Flick no longer and after throwing the money back in Ralph's face, Ralph attacks him with a golf club and despite being a dectective-inspector himself, he is later arrested for knocking down part of the school with a digger.

After these events, Marley consoles a distraught Flick outside the ruined school as her dad is taken away in the police car. Marley graduated after this episode and he and Flick go to university where they continue their relationship.


  • Flick was head girl but her position was revoked when she was found guilty of taking drugs.
  • Flick was in the girls football team but was not an original member.