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Fleur Budgen
Fleur Budgen.png
Portrayed by Lorraine Cheshire
First Appearance Series 3 Episode 6
Last Appearance Series 7 Episode 25
Cause/Reason Died of a stroke following a battle with Alzheimer's disease
Born 4th May 1958
Died 21st March 2012
Parents Sheila Barnsdale
Hansel Barnsdale
Sibling(s) Murphy Barnsdale (1959)
Lars Barnsdale (1962)
Spouse(s) Grantly Budgen (Deceased)
Romances Terry (mentioned in S7E25)
Cousins Judis Barnsdale (1954)
Fred Bucknell (1967)

Fleur Budgen (1958-2012) was the first wife of Grantly Budgen. She was also friends with Steph Haydock, who had gone round to Fleur and Grantly's for tea a few times.


The character of Fleur first appeared as an uncredited actress at Tom and Lorna's wedding and doesn't appear again until Series 3 Episode 6.

In Series 3, Fleur went to the school to see the preforming arts play. She collapsed on the way there, and Davina Shackleton, Karla Bentham, Danielle Harker and Aleesha Dillon helped her back up. Fleur then spoke to Grantly, who confessed to having a gambling problem.

In Series 4, Fleur came to the school to see Steph about organising a surprise party for Grantly, but the security man, Dave, told Fleur that Steph and Grantly had an affair, which wasn't correct, but Fleur believed him and nearly split up with Grantly.

In Series 6 Fleur returns again, but this time she is ill, later diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer's. Steph comes to help Grantly and put Fleur in a care home.

In Series 7 she appears again, in Episode 25, when unfortunately she dies leaving Grantly heartbroken.

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